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Title: 花千骨
English title: The Journey of Flower
Genre: Ancient Wuxia
Filming sites: Guangxi and Hengdian
Directors: Lin Yufen (林玉芬), Gao Linbao (高林豹) and Liang Shegquan (梁胜权)
Scriptwriter: Fresh Guoguo (Fresh果果), who is also the author of the original novel
Episodes: 45

During the period of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms,  wars were continuously ongoing.  Later Shu had become weak as a result of the fall of its affairs of state.  

At the same time it also suffered from various invasions by the nearby Western States. People had nothing to depend on for their living and their lives were filled with untold suffering.  Ordinary orphan girl Hua Qiangu, after passing some stringent tests , coincidently became the only disciple of Bai Zihua, who was the youngest master of a big sect in the martial art world.  Because of the close age gap, they were master/disciple and yet also deemed each other as friends.  Hua Qiangu followed her master's principle of upholding justice. After becoming a disciple of Bai Zihua at the Mount Long Stay, Hua Qiangu followed her master traveling to various places to extirpate evildoers and helped the downtrodden. They resolved several critical cases together. However, Xia Zixun, who envied Bai Zihua, tried to harm Hua Qiangu.  Saving Hua Qiangu, Bai Zihua was seriously poisoned.  After Hua Qiangu found out about her master's suffering, to save him she stole a weapon which contained the antidote left from the previous Dynasty.  But little did she know that after the weapon was unearthed, people in the martial art world were rising to take over the coveted weapon.  At the same time, the Western States also declared war against Later Shu. To avoid all these from happening, as well as to save the reputation of her master, Hua Qiangu sacrificed her own life to destroy the weapon.  She stopped the wars and brought propriety to Later Shu. 

Wallace Huo (霍建华) as Bai Zihua (白子画) and Mo Bingxian (墨冰仙)
Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) as Hua Qiangu (花千骨)
Jiang Xin (蒋欣) as Xia Zixun (夏紫熏)
Zhang Danfeng (张丹峰) as Dongfang Yuqing(东方彧卿)
Ma Ke (马可) as Sha Qianmo (杀阡陌)
Li Chun (李纯) as Ni Mantian (霓漫天)
An Yuexi (安悦溪) as Tang Bao (糖宝)
Dong Chunhui (董春辉) as Luo Shiyi (落十一)
Bao Tianqi (鲍天琦) as Qingshui (轻水)
Xu Haiqiao (徐海乔) as Meng Xuanlang (孟玄朗)
 Jiang Yiming (蒋一铭) as Mo Yan (摩严)
Miao Chi (苗驰) as Sheng Xiaomo (笙箫默)
Jiang Yang(江洋) as Shuo Feng (朔风)
Zhang Zhengyan (张正言) as Huoxi (火夕)
Kang Lei (康磊) as Meng Xuancong (孟玄聪)
Lu Jiyi (陆纪依) as Wu Qingluo (舞青萝)
Gong Zhengnan (宫正楠) as Zhu Ran (竹染)
Lu Ziyi (陆子艺) as You Ruo (幽若)
Wang Xiuze (王修泽) as Kuangye Tian (旷野天)
Ruan Weijing (阮伟旌) as Dan Chunqiu (单春秋)
Li Xing (李星) asYun Duan (云端)
Zhang Yunchen (张云晨) as Liu Yun (流云)
Gao Hai (高海) as Yun Yin (云隐)
Gao Jiang (高江) as Yun Yi (云翳)
Zheng Yecheng (郑业成) as Na Moyue (南无月)
Li Shanyu (李善玉) as Bo Ruohua (波若花)
Du Zheyu (杜哲宇) as Yin Shangpiao (尹上飘)
Li Cheng (李珵) as Lu Qiao (绿鞘)
Sun Gelu (孙歌璐) as Yun Ya (云牙)
Li Qian (李茜) as Liu Xia (琉夏)
Qian Yongchen (钱泳辰) as Donghua Shangxian (东华上仙)
Yang Shuo (杨烁) as Tanfan Shangxian (檀梵上仙)
Ceng Hongchang (曾虹畅) as Wugou Shangxian (无垢上仙)

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