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Title : 金玉良缘 
English title : Perfect Couple
Genre: Ancient, Light Comedy
Episodes : 38
Filming year : 2013 (from April 24 to July 20)
Broadcast date : 2014 Executive
Producers: Tang Panjing and Wallace Huo (汤攀晶 & 霍建华)
Producers: Yu Yi and Lian Junjie (虞怡 & 连俊杰)
Scriptwriters: Tong Hua, Can Ling and Jin Yuanyuan (桐华, 甘泠 & 金媛媛)
Directors: Huang Zuquan (黄祖权)
 Martial Arts Director: Yuan Bin (元彬)
Arts Designer: He Jiansheng (何剑声)
Photographer: Huang Zhuangqiu (黄壮秋)
Distributor: Wu Xiaofeng
Jointly produced by: Zhejiang Dream Stardom Film and TV Cultural Company and Huajae Studio (浙江梦幻星生园公司 &华杰工作室)
Filming place : Hengdian World Studios

During the Ming Dynasty, the Emperor mother granted a marriage between the Jin family’s son Jin Yuanbao and the Jiang family’s daughter Jiang Xiaoxuan. However, Jiang Xiaoxuan was in love with another man and wanted to escape from this arranged marriage. The witty and shrewd Yu Qiling intruded the Jin family house many times in an attempt to help her stepmother to find her own son. Little did she know she replaced Jiang Xiaoxuan and married into the Jin family. As a girl who had been in jianghu all her life, Yu Qilin couldn’t fit into the elegant life style of the Jin family. It was like an elephant bursting into a porcelain store, a lot of funny incidents had incurred because of this.

Yu Qilin and Jin Yuanbao had become quarrelsome lovers and a series of interesting and funny stories happened around them. Liu Wenzhao, a nephew of Ms Jin, who lived in the Jin family house since little, was also attracted by Yu Qilin’s personality. Unfortunately, he couldn’t change the fact of the arranged marriage ordered by the Emperor mother. Liu Wenzhao was jealous and designed traps to harm Jin Yuanbao. Accidentally he discovered the secret kept by Yu Qilin as well as the life fact of Jin Yuanbao. The whole Jin family was in a chaos ever since. Yu Qilin and Jin Yuanbao were also facing difficulty in their feeling towards each other...

Wallace Huo (霍建华) as Jin Yuanbao (金元宝)
Tiffany Tang Yan (唐嫣) as Yu Qilin (玉麒麟)
Vivian Wu (邬君梅) as Ms Jin (金夫人)
Gong Mi (贡米) as Jiang Xiaoxuan (江晓萱)
Huang Ming (黄明) as Gu Changfeng (顾长风)
Wang Yang (王阳) as Liu Wenzhao (柳文昭)
Wang Jingluan (王婧娈) as Liu Qianqian (柳倩倩)
Jia Qing (贾青) as Chuchu (楚楚)
Lu Yi (陆毅) as the emperor (皇帝)
Dai Changjiang (代长江) as Wang Qiang (王强)
Xiang Jin (项瑾) as Xi Er (喜儿)
Zheng Long (郑龙) as A Fu (阿福)
Zhang Renbo (张仁博) as Ma Zhong (马忠)
Bo Hong (博弘) as Ms Gu (顾大娘)
Zhou Xiaoli (周笑莉) as Ms Yu (玉氏)
Fan Haolun (樊昊仑) as A Gui (阿贵)
Yu Xiaohui (于小慧) as Ms Huang (黄大娘)

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