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Title: 女医•明妃传 
English title: The Imperial Doctress
Genre: Ancient, inspirational
Production companies: Xin Li Media and Tangren Film 新丽传媒股份有限公司;上海唐人电影制作有限公司
Producers: Cai Yi nong (蔡艺侬) and Huang Lan (黄澜)
Directors: Li Guo Li (李国立), Zheng Weiwen (郑伟文) and Lu Zeiliang (卢泽良)
Scriptwriter: Zhang Wei (张巍)
Issuer: Xin Li Media Filming site: Hengdian World Studios
Period of filming: From March 25 to July 6 2014
Episodes: 50

Under the stringent moral codes of the Ming Dynasty, Tan Yunxian overcame all obstacles with great efforts and finally became the first national female doctor. Meanwhile, she had also developed an intertwined affection and love affair with emperor Yingzong and his brother Zhu Qiyu

Born in a medical practitioner family, intelligent and lively young Tan Yunxian loved to lark and didn’t like to practice medicine. One day some people took advantages of Yunxian without her knowledge and as a result of it her grandfather and brother were killed. The whole family collapsed. To take over her brother’s duty, she secretly learned medicine from her grandmother. Gradually she was eager to save women’s lives. She excelled in medical knowledge and established a unique skill. She was praised by many.

At the same time Emperor Yingzong and his brother Zhu Qiyu were attracted to Intelligent Tan Yunxian. As a young girl Tan Yunxian fell in love with the gentle and highborn Zhu Qiyu. But Zhu Qiyu didn’t understand why Tan Yunxian should appear in public to practice medicine. It was inevitably that under the severe moral codes and power struggles, the two finally separated.

After the defeat in the Civil Castle battle, Tan Yunxian and Yingzong were stranded in a foreign tribe. The tribe leader was attracted to Tan Yunxian. But Tan Yunxian refused his love because of the big difference gap in cultures. To protect Tan Yunxian, Yingzong gave away his pride to shelter her from dangers.

Three years later, Yingzong escaped back to the Ming palace with Yunxian. He discovered his beloved brother Zhu Qiyu was now an emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Zhu Qiyu, after gaining a taste of power, refused to give up his throne. He was also mad at his brother for spending many years with his beloved lady. The two brothers became enemies to each other. Yingzong was put under house arrest and Yunxian was confined inside the palace. The two lovers could not be together. After experiencing all the bumpy twists and turns in her life, Yunxian started to realize Yingzong was her real love.

After all things settled, with the help of Yingzong, Tan Yunxian not only saved people’s bodies but as well as their souls. From saving people to saving the country, she established a policy for female doctors in ancient China and wrote the famous “Miscellaneous of Female Doctors” book...

Liu Shishi (刘诗诗) as Tan Yunxian (谈允贤)
Zhang Zimu (张籽沐) as Tan Yunxian childhood
Wallace Huo (霍建华) as Zhu Qizhen - Ming’s Yingzong (朱祁镇-明英宗)
Lou Yunhao (楼芸昊) as Zhu Qizhen childhood
Huang Xuan (黄轩) as Zhu Qiyu – Ming’s Daizhong (朱祁钰-明代宗)
Wuze Jinxi (武泽锦熙) as Zhu Qiyu childhood
Li Chengyuan (李呈媛) and Queen Qian (孝庄钱皇后)
He Qing (何晴) as Mother Queen Sun (孙太后)
Yuan Wenkang (袁文康) as Ye Xian (也先)
Li Chao (李超) as Tie Muer (帖木儿)
Zhang Xihe (张溪和) as Cheng Shisan (程十三)
Jin Chen (金晨) as Queen Wang Jinchen (汪美麟皇后)
Deng Limin (邓立民) as wang Zhen (王振)
Feng Lili (冯丽丽) as Tuo Buhua (脱不花)
Zuo Jinzhu (左金珠) as Meng Duo (蒙多)
Lu Liang (吕梁) as Yu Dongyang (于东阳)
Qu Zheming (曲哲明 ) as Xiao Shunzi (小顺子)
Li Weiting(李玮珽)as Xiao Mazi (小马子)
Liu Liwei (刘立伟) as Liu Pingan (刘平安)
Wang Liyuan (王丽媛) as Granny Huang (黄老夫人)
Gu Yan (顾艳) as Master-monk Jing (静师太)

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