The Chinese Detective Profile - WallaceHuo (霍建华) - For International Fans

Title: 刑名师爷 / Xing Ming Shi Ye
Also known as: Xing Ming Private Adviser / Advisers of Criminal Law Subtitle: 迷情双龙 / Mi Qing Shuang Long (Double Dragons of Mystery)
English title: The Chinese Detective
Genre: Period, detective Episodes: 30 
Place of filming: Shangdong Dongping Shuihu Universal Studio (山东东平水浒影视城)
Period of filming: Oct 3, 2011 to Dec 19, 2011
Broadcast period: 2012
Original writing (novel): Xing Ming Shi Ye by Mu Yi (沐轶)
Screenwriter: Zhou Zhi Yong (周智勇)
Producer: Zhao Yu Run (赵雨润)
Director: Yuan Xiao Man (袁晓满)

Meng Tian Chu returns from overseas to Ming dynasty China in search of his father and solves various difficult and at times perilous mysteries with the outwardly meek, but internally resolute native adviser Duan Ping. The two of them use very different methods to solve the same cases and are constantly at odds with each other while vying for the affection of the same girl, Xia Feng Yi, a butcher's daughter.

Whilst in search of his father, Meng Tian Chu unveiled a tremendous secret which led to the surface of a hidden case between his father and Duan's father. The person behind this evil scheme was the brocaded robe guard Liu Zhi. Meng Tian Chu and Duan Ping were saved from life threatening situations thanks to the emperor who showed up on time to capture Liu Zhi. Duan Ping turned down the emperor's promotion offer and would Meng Tian Chu and Xia Feng Yi be together at the end?

Wallace Huo (霍建华) as Meng Tian Chu (孟天楚)
Nicky Wu (吴奇隆) as Duan Ping (段平)
He Zhuo Yan (何琢言) as Xia Feng Yi (夏凤仪)
Wang Wen Jie (王文杰) as Xin Ge (辛格) (Meng Tian Chu's servant)
Fei Wei Ni (费伟妮) as Fei Yan (飞燕) (Xia Feng Yi's servant)
Wang Jian Guo (王建国) as Xia Yi Dao (夏一刀) (Xia Feng Yi's father)
Fang Zhou Bo (方舟波)as Magistrate Xu (徐知县)
Du Ruo Xi (杜晓婷) as Zuo Jia Yin (左佳音) (wine shop owner / female imperial guard)
Cheng De Zhi (成得志) as Niu Ting Hui (牛廷辉) (wealthy merchant)
Qi Qing Lin (齐庆林) as Feng Xuan (冯轩)
Zhao Dong Bai (赵冬柏) as Constable Ma (马捕头)
Yan Zhao Hui (鄢兆辉) as Meng Liang (孟良)
Li Hao Tian (李浩天) as Liu Zhi (刘挚)
Yan Kuan (严宽) as Emperor (明朝皇帝)
You You (游悠) as Mo Lian (莫莲)

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