Dec 2005 Birthday event - WallaceHuo (霍建华) - For International Fans
Fan-made video of Wallace's 25th birthday event.
Wallace's mother turned up at an event held in Taipei in which Wallace was to celebrate his 25th birthday as well as to promote his "Start" album. After the birthday song Mom said this is the most memorable birthday party for Wallace after 24 years. Wallace's 1st birthday wish was hoping his family, all friends at the event and his colleagues good health and have a happy life. His 2nd wish was hoping he will be rewarded for his efforts and that he fans will continue to support him. He kept the 3rd wish to himself. The funny bit was the MC said his lips were pretty when he blew the candles. Wallace said don't say that as he's already a grown up man. Wallace said Mom has a good voice. The MC agreed and said she is a pro when she sang the birthday song with a high pitch voice. The MC asked Mom how did she feel about Wallace for his success. Mom said releasing an album is Wallace's dream.
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