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Wallace Huo – Is He Really Cold and Detached?

Shanghai TV
March 2014

On March 8th Shanghai Drama Channel will air the war drama “Battle of Changsha”, with Wallace Huo’s first character as a soldier. People is familiar with him playing idol and wuxia plays. Actually he served 2 years in military service. Portraying as a soldier is actually somehow related to his real life.

Wallace has remained low-profile after entering the showbiz for many years. At his age, plus he is deemed as an idol actor, he has many fans. Other than filming his dramas and promotions, people rarely know about his news. He hassn’t even opened a weibo account. He may not be the only one in the showbiz, but definitely one of those very few. Therefore, being in the showbiz for more than 10 years, between him and his fans is like this: his fans are enthusiastic and he is cold and detached. Wallace said actually he isn’t cold and detached. It’s just that he doesn’t know how to get along with his fans. “I feel that I can only do my best in acting. That is also what I’m good at. I’m not good with handling other things.” These aren’t empty words. When the reporter interviewed him, he could patiently talk about his plays and characters. But about other matters, sorry, he talked only briefly or didn't comment.

First role as a soldier – in comparison, easier than wuxia

○ Battle of Changsha is your first time playing as a soldier. Is playing a soldier your dream as an actor?
● I can’t say it’s a dream because I once served 2 years in military service. I think I can understand the mentality of a soldier. I believe I can communicate it and so I wanted to try.

○ There are many anti-Japan dramas. Comparing this one with others, what’s the selling point of Battle of Changsha?
● An emphasis on human emotions. Also many anti-Japan plays are quite serious. Although ours is also quite serious, the main focus is on the sorrow and happiness happening in the Xiangxiang’s family. There’re some relaxed ambiences in the story. I think the audiences won’t find it too heavy. In addition, the director has a good skill. I believe this drama will bring a different feeling from other war dramas to people.

○ To act in a serious drama such as Battle of Changsha, as compared with your previous idol, period, and ancient dramas, what’s the difference? What state of mind and condition did you have during filming?
● My state of mind and condition are the same. No matter what, when you arrive at the filming set you must put all your efforts into it. I think the only difference is that the pace is faster in ancient and wuxia plays. It’s more difficult to take time to play a character. In Battle of Changsha, the director gave you a lot of room to feel your character. I remember the director often tried to make us feel that we were in the scenes. It was like living your normal day lives. I particularly like that feeling. Of course I really treasure the opportunity for such a good drama and director. Similar to before, I worked my very best as in all plays.

○ In Battle of Changsha there are many battle scenes. As compared with ancient dramas, which one is tougher?
● Ancient and wuxia are tougher. Nothing is more difficult than those. For me Battle of Changsha was more relaxed. There were battle and gunfire scenes, but more relaxing.

Co-partner Yang Zi – strikes for success spirit

○ Yang Zi used to be a child actress. Although she is an experienced actress she is still very young. Did you teach her acting skill?
● Of course not. She is very experienced, even more so than I do. She taught me instead.

○ The age gap difference is 13 years. Did you have any communication problem working together? Any difficult encountered, such as couldn’t stop laughing?
● No, we worked very hard in portraying our characters. I think she has a mature state of mind. There was no strange feeling between us.

○ We heard you’re friends outside the filming set. Did you treat her as a peer or a little girl during filming? In other words, are you friends or you just care about her like a younger sister?
● As a friend. She is mature. She started filming at very young age. She understands some principles more than I do. She also knows exactly what she wants. We communicate like friends.

○ What did you talk about outside filming? Did you feel talking to someone in the 1900’s?
● It was fine. We didn’t talk much at the beginning. Once we knew each other well we could basically talk about almost everything. Of course we didn’t talk too often. Topics I could participate were limited. If we talk seriously there is no problem with it.

○ Did you learn the world of the 1900’s from her?
● They’re very direct and know exactly what they want. They start working early on and work hard. I didn’t work that hard at her age. She had  most of the scenes in Battle of Changsha. She got up early and was the last one to leave. For 3 months every day was the same. She didn’t have enough sleep. But I’d never seen her late for work. She also looked refreshed at the scene. This is something I respect most. She never complained and didn’t yell tired. I think the people born in the 1900’s really strike for success. So great!

About characters – It would be special if I played a villain

○ Some people said you gave up smoking and didn’t drink while filming for Biao Men, which you just completed. Are you starting to care about your health?
● Health is surely one thing. The role I played is an escort master. Previously the roles I played required me to stay skinny. But I couldn’t be that skinny as an escort master. My body shape must look convincing so I started to gain weight and exercised. I wanted to look more stalwart to look more like that character. I also wanted my body condition to look better to portray that character so I changed some of my habits. Not bad as the show has turned out.

○ You shaved your head for Biao Men. Was that your first time? Did you hesitate?
● No hesitation. When they looked for me, I knew it was a Qing Dynasty play. So I should shave my head. Although they provided me with a solution to use cosmetic effect which required 3 hours of make-up time. But I didn’t want that, because if I didn’t shave that meant I wouldn’t trust myself. For instance, if you played a monk but you didn’t want to shave your head, you wouldn’t believe you’re playing a monk. When I confirmed I’d play the role, I shaved my head. You felt like you’re that person after you shaved your head. It helped my acting. I didn’t need to act. I lived inside that character.

○ What had you learned from cooperating with elders Ni Dahong and Wang Qingxiang?
● My contact with elder Ni Dahong was limited. Elder Wang Qingxiang played my master. He gave me a deep impression. We became friends. He is a very direct person. I respect his bearing. In this society people generally withhold and id polite when they talk. But he is honest and says what is on his mind. I feel easy being with such a person. I like talking to him. He is direct and doesn’t brush around. I feel comfortable being with him. I had a number of master-disciple scenes with him. It was really felt like we didn’t want to part. I believe the outcome would be quite good.

○ During filming you seemed harmonious with some little artists. Have you thought of playing a father in the future?
● If someone asked me to I would. But I won’t ask for it. I don’t particularly like to play such a role.

○ Most of your roles are the good persons. No one asked you or have you refused to play a villain role?
● No people has asked me to play that because people think a villain has certain look. I’ve played many good guys and so no one would associate me as a villain. If someone did ask me to play a villain I think it would be quite special. I’m willing to try. But I won’t do it just because I want to. If there was a suitable role and room for performance, I would want to try. I think it could be fun.

○ Previously you said you wanted to challenge a dressed-up breast role. Do you have a chance this year?
● Probably not this year.

○ What are your criteria when selecting a play?
● When selecting a play the most important thing is whether I have a feeling on it. Sometimes you take a script and you feel it isn’t yours. It’ll never belong to you by fate. When you take on a script and immediately it turns into images in your head. Congrats, it belongs to you. When you take on a script and you feel confused, even it turns into images but they are confusing, it doesn’t suit you. So I think it is more important whether you have a good feeling about it.

Perfect Couple – airs in April

○ Last year you acted as a producer for Perfect Couple, when will it air?
● April this year

○ When will you start your second production? What theme?
● Still looking for the right script. Hope to find one soon.

○ Previously you have said there aren’t suitable modern dramas. As a producer you’re free to choose and make decision. Do you have a plan to invest in a modern play?
● Considering

○ What is the core value of your company’s operation?
● Actually the company is operating with everyone’s efforts because I’m only an actor and don’t know much about operation. I only do my best to act. I leave most of the operations to my colleagues. I hope people don’t change because of reality reasons. They only need to work with a good state of mind.

○ Will you do it yourself, or consider cooperating with other company? For example Tiffany Tang relies on Huan Rui Century.
● If appropriate, I can consider cooperation with another on a project.

Marriage – not in a hurry. No chance this year

○ What do you do when not filming?
● Waiting for the next film.

○ Do you watch your own play?
● Not really.

○ There are many rumours. Nicky Wu is now dating Liu Shishi. Are you eager for a love relationship?
● Not in a hurry.

○ Could you tell they were dating when you filmed Incisive Great Teacher with them last year?
● I didn’t notice.

○ Nicky Wu and Hawick Lau both have a girlfriend more than 10 years younger than them. Would you accept someone with such a big age gap?
● Let’s see.

○ During an interview when you were 20ish you mentioned you hoped to get married and raise kids when you’re 35 years old. This year you’ll turn 35, will this mission accomplish?
● Not a chance.

○ Has your family pushed you for that?
● No.

○ Would you announce your marriage or hide it?
● Depends on the situation

○ Have you watched “Where is Father?”. Many friends hope to see you bringing your kid to the show. Do you have the impulse to become a father?
● No.

Fans – don’t know how to get along with them

○ Your fans said “you’re low key, honest, sincere, give a sense of right power and we’re touched by you”. What message do you want to pass to them?
● I think that is the person they know about me. In fact I’m only a common person and I just want to be a good actor. I work my very best at the filming set.

○ As compared with other stars who post on weibo every day you don’t have a weibo account. Why not?
● I don’t like it.

○ Weibo is a good platform to interact with fans. How do you sustain your relationship with fans? You seldom interact with fans. Even your fan meeting is like the Olympic Games once every four years.
● It’s the 10th year anniversary of my entering into the showbiz. Up until now I still don’t know how to get along with fans. It has been like they’re enthusiastic and I’m in a state of coldness and detachment. Actually I’m not cold and detached. It’s just that I don’t know how to give sweet talks. I feel my interaction with them is limited. What I only can do is to give a good play. It’s something I do best. I’m not good at anything else.

About losing fans I’ve never thought about this question. People who like me will stay on. People who don’t will leave me. It’s the reality in this world. There are many people that comes and goes in your life. Of course some people will stay longer and some are just passer byes. You must take this easy. I won’t overly expose myself or do something to promote myself just to retain fans. That isn’t me.

○ Are you someone who keep things to yourself or you speak them out?
● I quite like speaking out but I get to like more keeping things to myself.

○ After working for so many years, what is your sentiment about life?
● No new sentiment. I think the most well-being is living life everyday happily, filming a play with no worry and portraying my characters with devotion.



3月8日起上海電視劇頻道播出的戰爭劇《戰長沙》,霍建華首度飾演軍人。大家都熟悉了他演偶像劇、武俠劇,其實他當過兩年兵,演軍人對他來說,才算是稍微與本色出演沾了點邊。 出道多年,霍建華一直保持低調。像他這個年齡,又被定義為偶像演員,有著不少粉絲,除了影視劇的拍攝、宣傳,很少聽到他的消息,甚至不開微博。這,在娛樂圈裏就算不能說唯一,至少也是為數不多的幾個吧。所以出道十年,他與粉絲之間還一直處於“他們很熱情,他很‘冷漠’的狀態”霍建華說,其實不是自己冷漠,隻是自己不太會和粉絲相處,“我覺得把戲拍好是我唯一能做的,也是我最擅長的事情,其他的我不太擅長。”


首演軍人 相比武俠很輕鬆





是武俠節奏都比較快,你想很安靜下來演一個角色比較難。像《戰長沙》這樣的戲,導演會給你很多空間,讓你好好地去感受這個人物。我記得導演常常會把現場營造成一個讓你身臨其境的感覺,好像你就生活在裏麵,那種感覺我覺得很好。當然碰到這樣的好戲和好導演我會特別珍惜。但是死和以往一樣,我每一部戲都會百分之百的努力。記:《戰長沙》這部劇中,有不少戰爭場麵,相比古裝吊威亞、打打殺殺,哪個拍起來更辛苦? 華:古裝、武俠是最累的,這是任何戲比不上的。《戰長沙》這樣的戲對我來說不會太累,也有戰爭、有槍戰場麵,但都算輕鬆的。

搭檔楊紫 90後還是很有拚搏精神的






談論角色 我演反派應該很特別
















華:不太會 記:一直以來緋聞其實也不少,好友吳奇隆也有劉詩詩了。真的不著急談戀愛嗎? 華:不著急










華:我到現在出道十周年,還是不太會和粉絲相處,一直處於一個她們很熱情,我很“冷漠”的狀態。其實我也不是冷漠,隻是我不會講太多好聽的話給他們聽。我覺得我和他們的互動很少,把戲拍好是我唯一能做的,也是我最擅長的事情,其他的我不太擅長。 至於粉絲流失,我沒有想過這個問題。喜歡我的人會喜歡,不喜歡我的人會隨時離開我,這個世界就是這樣子,人都會在你生命中來來去去的,當然有些人會留很久,有些人可能就是過客,必須要看淡這個事情。我不會因為要挽留粉絲,就要保持很高密度的曝光,或者去宣傳自己,這不是我的個性。



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