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Wallace Huo: My happiness exists during the course of acting

Youth Diary

2013 9th Edition

Ever since he took on “Star” in 2002, he worked non-stop. He got up at 6am every day and worked till 2 to 3am. Every day was the same for him. He had worked under a spinning wheel pace for nearly a year. That year he filmed 6 dramas. This record is still unbreakable up to now. He was keen and walked away from the life that he didn’t want. Ultimately he left behind the glamour and started a stable yet risky journey: he took his manager with him, set up a studio and began his career in Mainland China.

He is the handsome in appearance and rich at heart Wallace Huo. You can’t find a tag of the showbiz on him. He has a vibrant heart and there is no falsehood in his talks. Other than his plays you basically can’t find him in any vanity flairs. Most importantly, he isn’t trying to symbolize himself as a star.

Xiao Pu: When did you want to become an actor?

Wallace: It’s basically after I became a singer. Being a singer I needed to present myself to the audience. But an actor is different. I can hide my moods as an actor. One can use the characters he plays to release his emotions. I’ve come to realize this is something quite interesting. I can use every character to pour out my emotions and to do something I generally don’t dare to do in real life. Relatively speaking it is also a risk. It is like following the ups and downs of one’s life, you’ll never know what might end up in each journey. You don’t know what might come up this time. Also, you don’t know who you are going to meet. You don’t know what cast, director and crew members you’ll meet. You also don’t know what they do. Relatively it is a risk. This is also something I’m attracted to.”

Xiao Pu: People know being an actor is a tough career. You must have experienced many difficulties for who you are now. Is that anything you have been persistently doing?

Wallace: I’m persistent in adopting myself, as nobody, to use my plays to speak for me. This is something I have never changed. Although many people have been doubtful about this and believe that I’m overly bigoted. I don’t follow the trend at all. But I still insist on using my own way.

Xiao Pu: In the characters that you’ve portrayed, many don't exist in the real world, such as fantasy, martial art world etc. In what way would you use to experience their lives?

Wallace: Although I can’t live their lives I try my best to figure out. For instance from some martial art plays I watched before you think what brings out the charms of the heroes. Then you combine all the merits together. Also costumes to me are important. Sometimes I didn’t have any ideas but the profiling would bring me new fresh ideas.

Xiao Pu: You’re already a veteran actor. Do you discuss with the directors about the script and the character personality etc?

Wallace: Yes, in every play. We speak before the actual filming took place. Or else I discuss with the director what I feel scene by scene. Some directors are easier to communicate with and can accept ideas from the artists. Some directors can’t. But there are few of them. I relatively like the feeling of mutual communication.

Xiao Pu: Many media say you’re an actor with a character. Especially during interviews you speak few words and they are also very honest. Is that true?

Wallace: Yes. I used to be stubborn. Now I’m more easy-going. Previously I thought I was an actor. I didn’t want to go anywhere when I wasn’t filming. I didn’t contact anybody. I didn’t like people ask me questions not related to my work. But I’ve always enjoyed my job being an actor. My happiness exists during the course of acting. That is a very happy feeling. It is also pure.

Xiao Pu: You’re a seriously engaged actor. In real life is there anything interest or any habits that you’ve invested in a lot of your time?

Wallace: None. Because I think I shine only when I’m shooting a play. Personally I’m a lazy person. Maybe because I’ve been busy working in these two years. I’ve put down my interests. For instance I like exercising and basketball. But I haven’t done any of these in these two years. So working is my only interest now.

Xiao Pu: At work you’re a discreet person. Are you the same in a love relationship?

Wallace: Yes. How to say it… It isn’t an easy thing to be my girlfriend. I need to observe a long time. I need time to understand her. I don’t love at first sight. I need a deep understanding. Probably I think I need a lot of time to whether we suit each other or not. But the problem is when you make the decision she has long gone already. Haha.

Xiao Pu: Do you have a plan or what is your wish for your future life?

Wallace: I've never planned. My company plans for me. I just listen. Haha. I place all my madness and passion into my plays. In real life I live a prosaic life. I stay at home when I’m not working. Sometimes I drive around or meet a few friends for a meal. I don’t want to think of or do anything when I’m on breaks. Getting a break is my wish for now.
























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