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Sole Interview of “The Chinese Detective” – Nicky Wu and Wallace Huo are Two Happy Buddies

City Beauty

Jan 2012

One is a big hit 4th prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin, Nicky Wu. Another one is the most admired Liangcheng in “Qing Shi Huang Fei” Wallace Huo. City Beauty went a long way to Shandong Dongping to visit the filming set of “The Chinese Detective” to personally feel the joyful atmosphere of these two handsome men.

After a five hours car drive, we finally arrived at Shangdong Dongping where the filming of “The Chinese Detective” is taking place. We were tired but just to think about seeing those two handsome men Nicky Wu and Wallace Huo, our spirit grew immediately. They didn’t disappoint us, as expected.

First time we saw them they wasn't wearing their costumes. They were on casual sports apparels and caps without any deliberated makeup. They were quite different from onstage. The second time we met them at the filming site. Nicky Wu was dressed as a Chinese detective. He sat up straight happily reading his iPad. Wallace was dressed in Caribbean style and studying hard his script. The two of them are friends as well as enemies in the drama. So in real life what is their relationship? City Beauty carried out a unique interview to Nicky Wu and Wallace Huo!

Q: How do you call each other at the set?

Nicky: I call him Older Brother Hua

Wallace: No no. He’s older. Just call me Jianghua. I call him Brother Long

Q: Do you remember when you first saw each other? What was the impression?

Nicky: I first met him in Hengdian. I visited a filming set. I actually went to see the director and saw Brother Hua there. My first impression was, because we didn’t talk much that time, Wallace is really a handsome man. His eyelashes are very long. When he blinks there seems a gust of wind

Wallace: (Laughing hard) He’s been exaggerating. My first impression was, a respectful elder?

Q: Nicky isn’t the first person saying you have long eyelashes. How do you take care of them on a daily basis?

Wallace: No, who would especially care for eyelashes?

Q: In “The Chinese Detective” what characters are you two playing?

Nicky: I play a Chinese detective. Very intelligent and loyal. This is the first time I’ve tried a detective type drama. I pay attention to many details in my acting. Probably these details are essential to move the detective cases forward. In the past I only read the script of the following scene. But this time I read ahead the next several scenes.

Wallace: I play an overseas returneè during the Ming Dynasty. The main reason for accepting this drama is because of the style. From the beginning he (my character) didn’t get used to the living style of the Ming Dynasty. Later on he met the Chinese detective played by Nicky. He thought Nicky wasn’t bad. He was his target and model. The character seems a bit like a cartoon character.

Q: When you two are shooting the same scenes, have any interesting thing happened?

Nicky: The most interesting thing is making fun of He Zuoyan (female lead).

Wallace: In the drama He Zuoyan was Nicky’s fianceè. Because my intervention, the three of us had developed a complex relationship.

Nicky: So when the three of us are in the same scenes. We held our hands behind He Zuoyan and told her that we were actually together already. (Laugh)

Wallace: Ever since the title has been changed to “The Chinese Detective – Sensation Double Dragons”, the atmosphere has become strange.

Q: Previously you starred in Bu Bu Jing Xin and Qing Shi Huang Fei, respectively. Both are based on on-line novels. This time “The Chinese Detective” is also based on a popular on-line novel. Do you like to read on-line novels?

Nicky: I like them a lot. I read on-line novels every day. I’m reading “Dou Po Cang Qiong” novel and “I Eat Tomatoes” anthology.

Wallace: I don’t like reading novels…

Q: Last question and you must answer it privately. If the other one is a girl, would you like him?

Nicky: No, he doesn’t seem like a girl

Wallace: Can you tell me his answer? (Can’t) I think so. Brother Long is quite nice.































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