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Wallace Huo – It’s Tired to be a Boss

Shanghai TV

July 2013 A edition

The teleplay “Perfect Couple” has been filmed for several months in Hengdian. This teleplay is also Wallace’s first time acting as a producer. I visited the set as a journalist and saw that it isn’t easy to be a producer as well as a male lead at the same time. Under a burning temperature of 36 degree Celsius, in order to smooth out the filming process, he had not only to act his parts, he needed to create a harmonic atmosphere for the set. As an introvert person by nature, he has gone nuts to fulfil his role as a producer.

His worry in the field turns him into a joker in a second

It was 36º C, and when I arrived at the set it was around 5pm but the heat was still unbearable. Other artists sat on their chairs to relax while the change of background scenes took place. Only Wallace sat still next to the round table and read the script with eyebrows frowning. At the same time he monitored the props on the table. The next take was about some artists having dinner. The food was warped with cling film and put on the table first. The artists sat around the table and prepared for their lines. When the take was about to start, they were busy with their makeups or changed their costumes hurriedly. Wallace unwrapped the food with the crew. He said he didn’t notice this kind of things when he was only an actor. But now he gets used to do that kind of work.

During the photo shooting Wallace looked tired. His eyes were weary. He pinched his eyebrows and closed his eyes and yawned from time to time. We were worried about how is he going to continue filming. Little we knew how he became energetic once his takes started. He talked and joked with some artists and even paid attentions to details. He noticed the wig wasn’t fixed properly on an artist and immediately asked the stylist to fix it. He watched intensively on the side. There was a scene where he had to kneel on the floor. He was busy like a spinning top. He was either kneeling on the floor to shoot his takes or he simply kneeled down to demonstrate to other figurants. The scene was still on-going after more than an hour. Other artists, including Tang Yan, got bored. Suddenly Wallace changed his kneeling position and lied on the floor doing hip-hop. His silly action made everyone laugh. The (boring) atmosphere had changed course.

Taking care of Tang Yan to make her happy

To enable her husband to see her in ancient costumes, Vivian Wu turned up in Hengdian for the very first time to film a teleplay. Little did she know she faced the hottest days of the year. But she was in a good mood and praised Wallace for being such a very nice and considerate guy. He treated people various drinks every day. She hoped that Wallace can play her ‘young lover’ next time. She seemed to suddenly remember something during the conversations. She was half joking: “He treats everyone nicely when Tang Yan isn’t around. If Tang Yan is here he’ll only take care of her. He said he has never been so nice to an actress. They tease and flirt even off filming. Don’t know whether they’re for real or not.” We told Wallace about this and he laughed loudly. After laughing, he admitted delightedly that he is particularly taking special care of Tang Yan: “I especially invited her (to join this drama). She is making me a big favour. I want her to be happy during the whole filming process. I'm afraid she might not if I don't care enough. Thus, I treat her to drinks and snacks and crack some jokes with her." He said with a smile he treats Tiffany like a princess but it's worth, "Treating her well is a way to accumulate some experience to raise my daughter in the future. I feel that a girl needs protection and care".

As a male lead, he is involved significantly. The filming schedule is intense. At the set from time to time he does funny actions to entertain people. Of course this is due to the fact that he is the producer. “This is a comedy drama. I feel that only a happy atmosphere can show a happy feeling.” He thinks that it’s important to make people feel good during the hot Summer days mainly because he has been an actor for many years. “It is inevitable to have impetuous moods in hot days. I used to feel the same as an actor previously. I was moody. But this time not only I can’t feel annoyed, I must make people feel there is hope. I need to act as a blending agent so that filming can be carried out smoothly.”

霍建華 - 當老闆累瘋了


2013 7.A







作為男主,自己戲份本身就重,拍攝進度那麼趕,但他在現場還要動不動一秒變“雷神”,逗大家開心,這當然還是出品人的身份在“作祟”。 “這部戲是喜劇,我覺得只有在歡樂的氣氛下才能拍出歡樂的感覺。”而大熱天更要讓大家快樂,也是源於自己當了那麼多年的演員,“天氣特別熱,心情難免浮躁,以前做演員也會有這種感覺,也會有些情緒。但這次,不但不能煩,還必須給大家看到希望,做一個調和劑讓拍攝更順暢。”

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