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Wallace Huo: I Am Pissed!!

Cashbox (translator unknown)

April 2004

“They like to pick on the meaning of my words.” Wallace Huo said.

Take the love affair with Joe Chen for example. He explained to the media that it was nothing other than friendship, but the journalists put it as a serious relationship. Artists can never compete with journalists in vocabulary games. Wallace lost the first set.

And then comes the trouble over his photobook Fresh Look. On newspapers, Wallace told his fans not to buy his photo book because he thought the quality was bad. But the truth is, “I only say that I can improve in the future.”

He lost the second set.

“In the entertainment business, sometimes you have to tell lies. But most time I would rather speak the truth.” He said.

Wallace explained what he meant by “having to tell lies”. For example, at the press conference, when people asked him how he felt about the actress whom he collaborated for the first time, he would always say, “She is wonderful” or “I appreciate her quite much” those kinds of rhetorics. “The truth is, I don’t even know her! But should I say, ‘I have no feeling for her at all?’”

“I want to make it clear that this is just an example and not for any specific individual. If certain media hear what I just said, they will put it as ‘Wallace Huo has no feel for Rosamund Kwan.’” He added.

Take it easy, my dear Wallace! At least you had said some adult jokes in front of the media and you could be as laid back, isn't it?

To Go, or Not to Go

Wallace's parents work in the court and his elder brother is a police officer. Such a family background may have some impact on his personality. He admitted that he is a bit conservative, although not necessarily serious.

Fortunately his family is not an authoritative one. Within the range set by his parents, Wallace could do whatever he wanted, although this range may be a bit narrower.

(by Wallace)

I am not an out-going person. My first thought on working abroad was “No! No! It's good enough here in Taiwan!” However, my manager and friends convinced me that it is better to extend my career outside Taiwan. They said that it is good for me to walk out of idol dramas and collaborate with various actors from Hong Kong and China.

I am not ambitious, to tell the truth. Even people keep pushing, I won't go for it unless I am convinced after consideration. My manager told me few idol stars in Taiwan have a better chance than me to make a movie abroad and work on TV series with first-class actors from China. If I am still an idol drama actor, the media conference for Hands in the Hair would not become the newspaper headline yesterday.

Recently I bought a lot of DVDs to study acting. I also learned hairstyling for my movie. Make my life as simple as it could be: taking the subway or enjoying the night market with high school friends. I don't care how people look at me. I have made some friends outside the show business, and am surprised to know that people think I am what I was in the TV dramas!

To Turn, or Not to Turn

I am usually quite open to the media, but there was a time when I was really mad. The paparazzi followed me all day long and made me paranoid. I cannot help turning my head to check whether they come again. I understand this is the price I have to pay in this business, and I have to control my emotions. However, they kept posting pictures on the tabloids and this was way too much for me.

The paparazzi caught Joe Chen and me in the night market. I got mad not because we had an affair, but because my life and privacy was intruded. Newspaper came after the tabloid magazines – Can they just give me a break? In fact, I was not even mad at them. I told them we had nothing but enjoying the night market. They wanted to run away but I stopped them at the car and told them to straighten it out.

Of course there is something the tabloids will never admit. They even tried to pretend we were friends – totally rubbish. I think he is the one who has problems, not me!

To Care, or Not to Care

When I care, I care very much, and when I don't, I completely ignore it. But it takes me a long time to decide what to care.

I always think too much. I was sleepless until 5 in the morning on the day of media conference. After all, it had been a while since my last public interview and I was worried that few people showed up. My agency ensured me that there wiould be a lot of people. I didn't ask them anything but kept the pressure to myself. This is quite exhausting.

Ever since At the Dolphin Bay, in any TV program or interview, I had been doubtful whether people are really interested in asking me questions. Maybe it is because I lack a sense of security. When I was a kid, I always took a nap with my mom. Even now, when I go out with friends, I am always worried that I drop my bag or forget my sunglasses.

Keep it Straight

Funny to say, I am not expecting any romance. I envy the lovers who walk on street hand in hand, but I am not going for it at all. To me, the career is much more important right now, and I am not sure whether I can find someone for me in Taiwan. This is why I said my heart for romance had died, and the journalists teased me on that. I meant it!!

I like to put things straight, which brings me trouble, including misunderstanding by the media. For example, they said that I complained about my photo book. I even explained to the publisher what I really said. Fortunately my agency had been supportive. I am not a flattering person, and I will stay the way I am, even this had brought me some trouble. Fans like to see a candid artist.

Change My Look

I don't like to be called handsome boy or metrosexual. It makes me sick; I mean it. It has nothing to do with my career choice. I had enjoyed these crowns for quite a while and will be more than happy to pass them to others.

Many actors make their names by playing bad guys. When they become famous, they don't want to play bad guys anymore. After Dolphin Bay I kept playing romantic and affectionate lovers. I played them because I needed work and publicity, but I would like to wlak out of the idol aura. Being an idol is really too much for me.

Not everyone is capable of breaking their stereotype roles. I am preparing myself for some different roles. I don't shave as much now, trying to change the impression of a pretty idol face.

On Popularity

I know quite well that everyone could be a star. The question is, who can last longer?

I don't like overnight fame. It is better to gradually climb up the ladder rather than reach the sky by rocket. If you want to have a longlasting career, you have to walk out of Taiwan and develop your career abroad. I would like to gain success abroad at the expense of my popularity in Taiwan, rather than staying in Taiwan and not known by people in other countries. Local popularity is not my primary concern.

A Twist

Wallace preferred not to shave his face recently. He thought this made him look macho. “My manager advised me to shave but I don't think it matters. I like the different side of me.” He said. In the end his manager bought him razors and cleaned up his face. “It's too early to change your look. Before you switch your career, you should build a solid ground.” His manager concluded. “It's not too late to switch at the age of 30.”

Now 25, Wallace has to wait for 5 more years before his manager is happy with his beard. OK, give me more razors.

霍建華 說來就有氣

錢櫃雜誌四月號 No.119


譬如說跟陳喬恩的那件事,他對記者辯解的重點在「很正常」,但記者的解讀放在「女 朋友」,要比玩文字語言遊戲,演戲的應該比不過拿筆的,一比零,霍建華輸。

然後是寫真集風波,報紙上登出來的,是霍建華嫌寫真集拍得很爛,素質很差,還叫他 的影迷不要花錢去買,而實情是,「我只說我還有進步的空間而已。」


「雖然我也知道,身在這個圈子,有的時候會必須要說些假話,但是其他的時候,我還 是寧願講話直率點,說真話比較好。」

所謂的「必須的假話」,照霍建華的解釋是,例如他在記者聯訪時,有記者問他對新合 作的對手有什麼感覺時,他的回答一定是「她不錯啊」,「我很欣賞她」之類的鬼話, 「其實我根本不認識她,難道要我公開說,我跟她一點都不熟,一點感覺都沒有嗎?! 」

「不過我要說清楚,我剛才說的並沒有特定指哪一個人,祗是一個舉例而已。我相信這 句話要是落在某些媒體手上,他們一定就會說霍建華嫌棄關之琳。」

其實霍建華也無須那麼緊張,至少他還是可以跟媒體大開男性生理需求的玩笑。 好的,那麼請問霍建華,如果是你,一個身體健康的正常男人,又沒有女朋友,照你說 的「三天就受不了」的理論,你是怎麼解決的?「雙手萬能啊!」


出去 不出去

爸媽都在法院工作,哥哥是警察,在家人職業都跟法律扯上關係的家庭長大,霍建華也 承認,自己的性格和觀念自然受到一些影響,嚴肅是稱不上,但個性比較方正,想法容 易被侷限倒是真的。

還好的是他們並沒有太嚴肅,從小我想做什麼事,媽媽也都會讓我去做,一定都會在一 個範圍之內,從來不會超出這個範圍,只不過這個範圍可能相對來說會比較小一點。 我並不是個愛往外跑的人,聽到要到海外拍戲,第一個念頭就是「不要出去!不要出去 !在這裡就很好了!」要不是經紀人和朋友勸我到外面走走,說向外發展才是比較好的 決定,台灣偶像劇也已經演了不少,應該出去走走,多看看外面的世界,跟中港台各地 的演員合作,應該會進步很多。

坦白說我的野心不大,要靠別人來勸去做這去做那,回家想一想「欸……好像是喔,應 該要這麼做才對」我才會去做,經紀人也告訴我,台灣的偶像沒有幾個有機會衝出海外 的,難得有機會拍電影,跟大陸一級的演員合作電視劇──如果我還是只在台灣拍拍偶 像劇,昨天那場剪頭髮的記者會能夠有那麼大的版面嗎?

這陣子,我買了很多影片在家裡進修、跟老師上課,讓自己沉澱下來,很簡單的生 活,搭搭捷運、找高中同學去逛夜市吃路邊攤,就算別人投來異樣的眼光我也很習慣, 我最近認識了一些圈外的朋友。才知道原來我給人的感覺就只是螢幕上的樣子,私底下 的我,一般人的印象幾乎是零。

回頭 不回頭

通常面對媒體時,我是很坦然的,但有一段時間卻真的動了怒,一直連續被跟拍,弄得 我那時有點神經質,走著走著就會突然回頭看看,「喔…..沒事!」雖然我可以理解這 是踏進這個圈子必須付出的代價,要克服自己的心理障礙,但接二連三(跟拍照片)被 登出來,這種壓力也實在很難承受。 那一次和陳喬恩在夜市被狗仔隊跟拍,其實並不是因為我有什麼把柄被抓住或心虛才會 有比較大的情緒反應,之前已經被雜誌拍,現在又是報紙,兩家輪流來,那我還要不要 過生活?不過其實也不是發到多大的脾氣,我好像只是說,我只不過來逛逛夜市,你們 躲躲藏藏的幹嘛?之後他們就急忙想要把車開走,我才會走到車前拍了一下車頭,叫他 們出來大家把話說清楚,躲躲藏藏的,有什麼擔當?! 當然有一些事情是不會被雜誌寫出來的──對方還用手拍拍我「哎呀,大家好朋友….. 」我跟你又不熟幹嘛拍我?眼神又閃爍,我真的覺得他有問題,祇不過他是媒體工作者 而已!

在意 不在意

在意的事會在意得要死,不在意的事我完全不會去理會,但是分別在意和不在意時又常 常考慮太多──這是一種心理潔癖。

我常常想太多,記者會前一天還失眠,不知道會不會只有很少的人來,尤其又已經有一 陣子沒接受媒體訪問了,總在擔心明天的表現會怎樣,緊張到早上五點多。 這樣其實很累,公司只告訴我會有很多人來,但我也不會問到底會有多少人,有些人會 很要求別人一定要把什麼東西都準備好,但我不會,我只會龜毛在心裡,累也只會累自 己。

從拍《海豚灣》時就開始,上電視節目或接受採訪時,我都會想「他會不會問我問題? 」、「他們到底認不認識我?」、「他們對我會有興趣嗎?」我一直到現在都會想這些 問題。

我覺得是因為缺乏安全感,小時候如果睡午覺一定要媽媽陪在旁邊,看不到他還會哭, 現在我要是跟人出去,我還會不停疑神疑鬼不是問朋友我的皮包呢?就是問眼鏡在哪裡 ,其實根本都在我的袋子裡,可是我就是會覺得,我的東西都不在身邊!

繼續 出包

奇怪,我現在對愛情好像也沒什麼期望,我會羨慕在路上牽手的情侶,真的要我這麼做 我可能還沒什麼意願,這個階段應該做的事比這個重要多了,實在沒有心去經營感情, 而且在台灣好像也找不到什麼可以交往的女孩子,所以那天才會說心已經死掉了,被一 些記者說我才幾歲,心態已經那麼老又灰了……。



還好公司都算支持我的個性,我也不會去阿諛奉承什麼,就算出了幾次包,我還是會保 持這種個性,現在的人,還是比較喜歡看到一個講話直率的artist。

準備 變臉


不是說我急著要去轉型什麼的,這些東西在我身上已經用過一陣子了,現在可以用在別 人身上了吧?!我巴不得趕快脫離這個形容詞。

有很多人是因為演反派走紅,但紅了就不願意再演反派,而我從《海豚灣》後也演了一 堆癡情角色,受不了!但其實是不是偶像藝人都很急著轉型?當偶像實在太累了! 轉型也是需要條件的,條件不夠的也根本轉不了型,所以今年如果可以的話,實在很想 拜託可以給我些不一樣的角色,包括我自己都下了一些功夫,譬如從留鬍子開始改變一 點形象,起碼這樣不會那麼「顧臉」!

過氣 不過氣


走得長遠勢必還是得去海外發展才行,在海外又更比只在台灣本土重要──我寧願在海 外荷包賺得滿滿的但在台灣被人說過氣,也不要只在台灣紅但外面根本沒人認識你是誰 好,講我過氣沒關係,問題是你賺得有我多嗎?


這一陣子,霍建華常常不刮鬍子,不是因為懶得刮或忘了刮,純粹就是不想刮,這樣看 起來比較有點男人味。

「剛才經紀人跟我說,還是把鬍子刮了好,其實我覺得根本無所謂呀!而且有一點鬍子 也比較有不同的感覺。」

最後結局是,幾分鐘前,他的經紀人才剛幫他買來刮鬍刀,原本冒出來的鬍渣,又在刀 鋒之下犧牲了。

「要轉型,等二十八,三十歲再轉都來得及,現在還是維持原本的樣子好了,把基礎打 穩再講其他吧。」


撰文:JOE 2004-4

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