2003 December Lover - WallaceHuo (霍建华) - For International Fans

Wallace Huo: Image of a December Lover

Holiday Magazine


Occasional frowning, unpredictably gloomy, mysterious temperament, soft voice, introverted mood, a bit mature, apathetic in appearance but not cold… no wonder girls are lovesick: “Wanting to see him every day!”

Must be so apathetic? Rarely-seen sunshine smile!

Although Wallace Huo is comfortable in acting, we didn’t expect that he is afraid of photo shooting. He continuously claimed that he doesn’t know how to pose and smile. In fact he knows everything about ‘talking with eyesight’. Wallace smiles naturally. There are very limited photos of him smiling available. He says  he actually has a boring personality. He only feels comfortable when he is with friends he absolutely trusts. Moreover, it is also a market demand. Female audiences can’t resist his cool appearance. So every time he had a photo shooting, the photographers would ask him ‘not to smile’. He didn’t need to act happy. He admitted that the request also makes him feel relaxed. As time passes, Wallace’s photos with a smiling face are rarely seen. Even his manager said, with a smile, making Wallace smiling in photo shooting is a sole Holiday privilege.

Mature at age 23

Wallace Huo, who has a steady personality, knows exactly what he wants and what is more appropriated for him. He gave us some suggestions on his hair style and clothes. “I didn’t mean to be opinionated. I know I’m not suitable for exaggerated and fancy styles.” Whilst his friends the same age are still hanging around and playing, he has already achieved his dream in the showbiz. He is also working and advancing according to plan. “Be an artist and actor has enriched my life. I can experience something that a normal person can’t. This makes me grow faster.” No wonder the 23 years old Wallace Huo can play a mature lawyer. His acting is also getting affirmation. We asked him whether he would play some challenging roles such as a villain or a gay, Wallace replied: “I never repel, only that under the current circumstance I can’t accept these roles yet. Idol dramas aren’t bad. I’m a new comer in the showbiz. I’m still learning.”

Seven dramas within one year

“Extremely tired. Actually I rely on my willpower.” This is Wallace’s testimony of his busy work schedule. He retired from military service in July last year. In September he joined “Star”. In  less than 1 year Wallace has already filmed 7 dramas. “At Dolphin Bay”, “Westside Story” and “100% Senorita”, basically you’ll see Wallace every time you turn on the TV. Although now he is working only on “100% Senorita”, his work schedule is from 5am in the morning till past one midnight. Not to mention that  he worked previously on two dramas at the same time.

Wallace feels it rough with too much work. After 100% Senorita he wants to take 1 or 2 months off to recharge himself. Travelling or practising his vocal skill or whatever will be fine. He is expecting to launch his first album in the second half of the year. About acting he wants to have quality instead of quantity. He has already turned down 7 to 8 plays. Wallace is planning to participate in 1 play next year. His completely new role will give people a surprise.

Wallace’s 10 honest replies

I only have 200 dollars:

I randomly asked what he has in his bag. He opened it without thinking. He has a few photos with his colleagues in his digital camera. He wears his contact lens over 20 hours per day. Normal saline water to keep them from being dehydrated, a script which is important more than anything else, and a fisherman hat which every artist will carry.

In addition, Wallace also carries several promotion pictures. Previously Wallace saw disappointment in his fans because he didn’t carry any autograph with him, so he has started to carry some. Wallace said embarrassingly: “Isn’t it strange to carry my own photos?.” In his wallet, Wallace showed a picture of him and his best friend. Surprisingly Wallace didn’t look much different since high school. Wallace said: “That’s it. Also  only 200 dollars.”

“It’s wonderful to have love. When love dies however it is forever a happy memory.”:

Is Wallace’s motto really this sad? I couldn’t help and asked him whether he has had  a sorrow experience.

Actually that was the promotional slogan of “Star”. Every artist was required to write down what they felt about love. That phrase represented Wallace’s feeling at that time. Little did he know it has become his motto in the eyes of his fans. Wallace emphasized no romance. There isn’t any meaning to this phrase!

He is shy when seeing his idol:

Wallace’s idol is A-Mei. When asked him about his expectation blueprint in picking his girlfriend Wallace also used A-Mei as a standard. But Wallace only met his idol once. He saw A-Mei at the Sanli Building when she was about entering the lift with other people. He was prepared to use that opportunity to chat with her. But then he was afraid that A-Mei might not recognize him. His idol disappeared while he was still hesitating.

He just had rice noodles with soup and grilled Taiwanese sausage:

Two days ago Wallace had his beloved rice noodles with soup and grilled Taiwanese sausage at a sidewalk snack booth near his home. He had attracted a lot of ‘curious people’, that made him feel embarrassed while eating his food.

Not capable of being a host:

“Become a singer after acting and become a host after singing” seems to be a norm in the showbiz. But Wallace called out that concept isn’t accurate. Because of his boring personality he has never wanted to become a host. Singing is his first wish.

How to celebrate his birthday on December 26?

On December 26 Wallace will become 24 years old. I asked him what is his birthday wish? Unexpectedly as young as he is he would say something so ‘mature’ that about his birthday: “It’s more important to live everyday life.”

Like dark colour undies:

Preferring darker colours such black and blue, Wallace Huo revealed actually most of his undies are also dark colours. Even his bad set etc., are dark in colours.

Regret for not spending more time with his brother:

As he has become more popular he is having more jobs. Wallace Huo regrets that he doesn’t have time for his family members, therefore, he has been kept a distance from his brother 5 years older than him.

Being funny is fine:

He doesn’t like smiling. But he is charming when he smiles. Wallace said it’s okay being funny but don’t force him to pretend to be cheerful and look lovable.

One coffee per day:

Coffee drinking can give a lift. However, Wallace Huo insists on only 1 cup per day because he is afraid of addiction.

Editor’s note after spending 3 hours past midnight

After being with Wallace Hou for 3 hours, many of his fans, acting like a reporter, asked for details. Below are several titbits:

1) Wallace had small habits such as pouting and frowning. About ‘licking his lips’ I didn’t notice any. Otherwise the lady workers at the site would have nosebleed.

2) The shooting session took place at midnight. Wallace came here straight from the filming site and as it was inevitable, he gave 3 little yawns. But when the photographer yelled “get ready” his trenchant eyes stood by immediately.

3) He smoked 2 cigarettes.

4) Wallace Huo looked especially good in that red knitwear. It’s an eye opener. Everyone wished he could lower the zip. While we were holding our breath to watch his sexy collarbone, all we heard was “Ooh”. His finger was clipped by the zipper.

5) We forgot to prepare accessories. Wallace Huo immediately took out his necklace. He also carefully changed two pendants. Those items turned out to be his ‘war trophies’ from the West Street when he filmed “Westside Story”. I immediately asked him what he likes about those accessories. He answered seriously: “I like them being thoughtful, gentle and natural…” Then he gave a wicked smile.

6) Wallace laughed heartily twice during photo shooting. Based on these two laughs, I suddenly realize the Wallace Huo mysterious charming definitely has the quality to go for sunshine acting direction.





可以在萤光幕前挥洒自如,想不到霍建华却有「拍照恐惧症」,频频说自己不会摆POSE、不会笑,其实他深谙「眼神会说话」的高招。 霍建华笑得自然、开心的照片几乎没有,他说一来自己个性确实比较闷,只有在自己绝对信任的朋友面前才能自在,二来也是「市场区隔」。 女性观众对霍建华的酷模样没有抵抗力,於是每次拍照,摄影师都要求霍建华「不要笑」,无须强装开朗,他也承认自己乐得轻松,久而久之,霍建华面带笑容的照片反而珍贵,连一旁的经纪人都笑言,能逗笑霍建华绝对是好乐迪杂志的独家。


个性沉稳的霍建华懂得自己要什麼、适合哪些,即使在发型或服装上都会适时提出自己的想法和建议,「我相信这不是『意见多』我知道自己不适合太夸张、太花俏的造型。」 当同龄友伴还在游荡、玩耍,霍建华已经实现进入演艺圈的梦想,并且有计画地经营、迈进,「当艺人、当演员丰富了我的人生,我可以体会平凡人生做不到的事,也快速成长」。 难怪仅有23岁的霍建华能够「超龄演出」律师等专业角色,也愈演愈让人肯定,问问他想不想挑战反派或同性恋等复杂角色,霍建华回答:「我从来不排斥,只是现在环境不容易接受类似角色,偶像剧不见得不好,这是我演艺生涯起步、学习的机会」。


「很疲乏,其实我现在完全是靠意志力在撑。」这是霍建华通告满档的感言。 去年7月退伍、9月「摘星」,入行不过1年,霍建华已经接拍了7部戏,《海豚湾恋人》、《西街少年》、《千金百分百》,几乎每天都可以在电视上看见霍建华即使现在只有《千金百分百》一部戏,霍建华的行程也得从早上5点排到凌晨一点多,更别说是之前两部戏硬轧的情况了。

太过密集的工作量让霍建华感觉粗糙,《千金百分百》杀青之后,霍建华希望能休息1、2个月好好充充电,出国去哪里都好,或者上发声课程、为预定下半年度推出的个人专辑做准备,至於戏剧演出也期望以「质」取代「质」 「量」,推掉周边7、8部戏约,霍建华打算来年只专心拍一部戏,全新的角色绝对会让观众惊艳。




另外, 霍建华也带著好几张宣传照,原来是他曾经看过粉丝们索取签名照未果的失望表情,於是开始贴心自备,霍建华还不好意思的说:「随身携带自己的照片真的很奇怪」。 至於皮夹,霍建华则翻出一张与死党的合照,高中时期的霍建华看起来竟然跟现在没什麼差别呢!再瞧,霍建华说:「没了,只有两百块」。























2拍摄采访通告在午夜12点,刚下戏就直接赶来的霍建华难免打了3个小小的哈欠,但是当摄影师一喊「准备」!他那锐利的眼神马上Stand by。





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