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Wallace Huo: Discovering The Real Me

MINA Magazine

July 2009

I am now mature and I know my direction and what I want. I won’t pursue things deliberately after a fashion.  I just do things as they are. This is my current state of mind. People will inevitably grow and mature. A real self can be discovered after some experience and toughening.

Until now the more I’ve worked, the more I’ve discovered the happiness of living a simple life. My work requires team cooperation, therefore, when I’m alone, I hope to have a quiet, peaceful life. A space which is reserved just for myself. I can be at ease at my will. Only after my emotions can be released I can feel the greatest degree of freedom. In the old days I used to think of travelling, but I can’t any more (laugh). Probably I don’t have this impulse. It’s just good staying at home watching TV. Passive? Maybe. Isn’t it enough if you feel happy for doing it? I enjoy the freedom being on my own.

Exercise proposed to readers of MINA? Jogging! Girls can jog too! It’s a green and aerobic exercise. Plus it can burn fat. Other is Bikram Yoga. I think girls are beautiful practising yoga. It can build body flexibility a well as improve temperament. When a girl does a thing seriously, she’ll show her lovely side. I agree to this point (laugh).

Q: What exercise do you like best? Do you have a sport star?

A: Eh….. should be basketball. But I like shooting the basket more. I often play basketball alone after midnight. I like that feeling. But I was different when I was little! Haha. I enjoyed bustle and astir more by then. I liked confrontation. I thought sweating all over was true exercise. Person I like best is Michael Jordan. I believe he is a trapeze forever. The time has frozen him. I hanged his pictures all over my room when I was little. He is a hero in my heart. I like basketball because of him. I think other people may feel the same thing.

Q: If possible, would you join the Olympic Games? Which game would you like to be part of?

A: I definitely would! I can contribute and bring honour for my country. It’s lucky just to participate. Even as a volunteer is good enough. I think it’s great just to participate. Should be basketball because I love basketball since I was a kid and I have more confidence with it! (Laugh) But I hope one day the China team can play with the US team. China team works its best!

Q: What’s your first impression of MINA?

A: I actually don’t read female magazines! But for what I read previously, the proper thing about it is that it doesn’t give an air of deliberation. I prefer this style of magazine. It gives people a healthy feeling. I personally like girls who give a refreshing and natural air. She pays attention to her style but not deliberating follows the trends. She knows that what she wants is good enough. I think this is the essence of MINA!

Q: What is your dressing style in normal days? Any specific must-have style?

A: Actually quite simple in normal days, clothes with caps and trainers etc. I dress formally only for events. I prefer darker colours. Simple styles and no specific must-have style. I used to like clothes with high-end brands (Laugh). I think brand loving is something one will go through. At that time I thought if I put on high-end brands meant fashion. I later discovered there was no need to pursue this deliberately. It’s good enough as long as you like it. This is my current state of mind towards fashion.





推荐给MINA的读者们的运动?慢跑吧!如果是女生也可以慢跑啊!很绿色,很有氧的运动,很可以减脂。还有就是高温 瑜珈了,我觉得女孩子练这项运动很美,很能修炼身体的柔韧性,更能提升气质。认真做一件事的时候,女孩子会展现特别可爱的一面,我很同意这一点(笑)。









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