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Exclusive Interview with Wallace Huo – Acting is Boundless. Advancing Step by Step

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July 2009

Seeing Wallace Huo again tanned and active, with more details oriented to play his character as well as with more self rivalry in his acting. He habitually frowned when he was thinking. He broke out laughing suddenly when he talked about his character, mainly because he liked those scenes. He could rapidly use his body language when he was trying to explain the details of his character, mainly because he cared much about how to interpret it, he answered our questions.

To someone who acts with his heart, acting is boundless. The finishing point isn’t fixed. People who stay in the comfort zone without advancing will disappear in the lapsing time. But there is a certain type of people, who will make every effort to advance, hoping to move forward. If you see Wallace’s stringent requirements of his character, his high spirit in remarking his acting, and his changes in portraying his characters in all these years, you will know he belongs to that type of a person.

TV Series: Although it’s the same story, Zhao Shijun will definitely be different playing by 3 different people. (Note from the translator: New Yi Jian Mei already has 2 old adaptations),

Wallace Huo: My  Zhao Shijun has a soft body (laugh). He has a weak moment. I don’t want to portray my character showing one face only. I want to show him multifaceted. All people have a moment of weakness. You can’t be a tough guy all the time. Even a tough guy should make people understand that he too is weak and irresolute sometimes. Such a character is more dynamic and real. I remember someone said in a press event that I don’t look like a tough guy such as Kou Shixun. I said being tough is not for watching. It is an attitude (laugh). Do I look like a tough guy (he showed an expression that he was about to challenge a gang, with angry eyes)? Do I look like a weak guy this way (he showed a silent expression)? I believe this isn’t how the line should be divided. Zhao Shijun also has moments toughness. He sometimes uses his fists and sometimes his brain. I want to show the multi-facets of him. I don’t know whether the audience will accept it or not, though (laugh).

TV Series: Will your acceptance of plays be widen in the future? You have experienced playing older age characters.

Wallace Huo: Yes. People will find you once you have the experience. I like this team. The director lets me play as I wish. I have a lot of thoughts about this drama. Even though Zhao Shijun's performance is more complex during the first half of the drama, I want to try my best not to ‘act’ him too much. I hope I can be composed. As my acting experience has accumulated, I hope to reduce using my way of acting and acting technique but use my feeling instead. I hope I can show the characteristics of my character to move the audience and to let them know what I do for and think about that character. I’m working towards this direction of acting. I actually did that when I played “Rouge Snow” because Xia Yunkai happened to be suitable to act like that. But it wasn’t good. But it’s a way of trying and finding the right direction. (Why do you think it wasn’t good?) I knew my ability at that time. It wasn’t that I didn’t put in my efforts. I was immature. The direction was correct but I didn’t do good. I’m afraid of those imaginary perfect characters as presented by the scripts. I’m scare of it. I believe a character should represent a human being. It should have introduction, elucidation of the theme, transition to another viewpoint and summing up. There is time for courage and strength such as Zhou Nianzhong in “Emerald on the Roof”. He has moments being  non confident, and moments of aspiration. But I didn’t do a good job at that time either.

TV Series: At that time it could be your progressing phase

Wallace Huo: Uh, now I’m in a different phase. I want to minimize “deliberate acting” as much as possible. I hope I can hold back. I didn’t have anything in my heart other than anxiousness when I was young. I felt I had no attachment and wanted to grasp some confidence in acting. Actually holding back acting is more difficult than open up acting! I used to show a lot of movements and expressions in my acting. Now I force myself trying not to move. I want to get rid of deliberated things. Most young actors will have to pass through this phase. I want to get rid of it early so that I can enter into a more mature phase (laugh).

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