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Wallace as a special guest in Beijing TV Festival
 August 24, 2006

Wallace Huo, Miriam Yeung and George Hu showed up in Beijing TV Festival to promote their new series Wu Shi Lang. This is the first time they got together after the filming was finished, and they started making fun of each other. George was very embarrassed because he tore his pants during shooting and there was even no time for repair.

Miriam put on both man and woman's dresses in this martial arts comedy and she said this series was crazier than her previous movies. She also became good friends with Wallace. There was a scene where Wallace and George fought for her love. They tried very hard to help her fit into the right emotion of that scene and got bruises all over their bodies. Miriam was so touched by these two cute boys that she even cried.

The appearance of Wallace in the TV festival caused quite a stir in the audience. He dedicated his many first times to Wu Shi Lang. For example, this is the first time he made a comedy, the first time he played the role of a greedy coward, put on woman's dresses, got injured in filming, looked ugly on screen, and moreover, carried a lot of firework with him. But he was also very proud of it and considered it as a big breakthrough in his TV career.

Credit to Orion

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