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June 2006
Romance of the Red Dust on CTV prime–time, With Shu Qi and Wallace Huo as the major focus

The romantic customes series Romance of the Red Dust will be aired in the prime time section of CTV, starting June 19. This series is led by the award-winning actress Shu Qi and super idol Wallace Huo, together with famous supporting cast including Yvonne Yau, Hua Chiang, RongKwan Yu and comedian A-Pang. Except for Shu Qi, three major leads attended the official press conference held on June 15, despite that Wallace and Yvonne got a flu and Hua Chiang had a spinal root pain.

Although Shu Qi was excused for her filming making in Seoul, Korea, Wallace dubbed the puppet doll of Red Dust with Shu Qi's tone and pleased the audience. He was very happy playing with the two puppet dolls. In Romance of the Red Dust, Wallace played the role of Li Jing, a young general with abundant knowledge and great humanity. Wallace found it most challenging to master those long and dragging monologues filled with ancient military terms.

Yvonne Yau, the Princess Ping-Yang, dedicated to this series her first acting, her first customes drama experience, her first male dressing, her first raping scene, and her first kiss on screen. Moreover, her kiss was for A-Pang the comedian, who kept making her laugh and they had to remake the kiss scene for many times. A-Pang said that Yvonne was the most beautiful actress he had ever kissed, although he joked on her not being physically attractive.

Wallace said that Shu Qi was easy to get along with, although in the beginning they did not know each other very well. He praised Shu Qi for her excellent acting skills and candid personality. He also revealed a strong wish to work with Shu Qi again in the future.

Romance of the Red Dust is about the romance and brotherhood between the three swordspersons, Red Dust, Li Jing, and the Beard, in the Suey-Tang era. On its first opening in late March in China, this series had topped the rating charts in several major cities, including Shanghai and ShanDong.

By Orion

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