Nov 2004 Voice of a Handsome man - WallaceHuo (霍建华) - For International Fans

Looking Forward to the Voice of a Handsome Man
Times Film and Television
2004 Edition 23

Many male idols, after being excelled in acting, have joined the singing circle this year. Firstly Jerry Yan has launched his “First Time” album after working on it for two years. Now, we’ll have two more handsome men coming to the singing circle from the acting circle. One is the male lead of “My Pet Husband” Jerry Huang. The other one is Wallace Huo, who has his heart setting on launching an album after completing his dramas and movies.

Wallace Huo
Wallace only thought of fulfilling his dream as a singer when he first joined the showbiz. But little did he know that he would become a king of idols due to all sorts of accidental mishaps. But all this has put a burden on him. It has put him in a position of an already experienced person in the singing circle.

After completing his film “Hands in the Hair”, Wallace Huo has joined Sony Music. To express his love of singing, he has dismissed events and shows plus turned down several movies and dramas. He has concentrated on preparing his first album. His manager Wu Mengjin stated: “Even there was a Hokkien drama asking him to be a special guest. Although the album will be launched in November, the promotion work will carry out until next year. Therefore, he can’t accept any plays till the end of this year.”

At the moment Wallace has devoted himself into his album. He is practising at the music company every day. He wants to prove his singing ability. Sony wants to establish an ‘affectionate prince’ image for him based on his love devotion he reflects in his various previous dramas. We believe it won’t be far to hear Wallace’s singing.

霍建华 期待在美男“声”

今年,演而优则唱的男生偶像似乎特别多,先是言承旭捧出两年精心打造的《第一次》,还有因《斗鱼》一炮而红的郭品超继在电视原声带中初试啼声后也顺势推出首张专辑《我 不像我》。现在,又有两个美男成为横跨戏剧与唱片界的“劈腿”艺人,那就是在《我的宠物老公》里挑大梁的黄志玮,和拍罢电影电视剧后一门心思想要推出新专辑的霍建华。

霍建华: 好歌在后头



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