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Modern Beauty: Wallace's new TV
November 7, 2006
Translated by Orion

Modern Beauty, the prime time romantic series invested by PKU Starlight Beijing and CCTV, held its grand opening filming ceremony in Shanghai on November 6, 2006.

Directed by renowned Jeffrey Chiang from Hong Kong and led by Kristy Yeung and Taiwanese hot star Wallace Huo, Modern Beauty is a sequel to the 2002 hit Boys and Girls. Costars included Yung Ewong from Hong Kong, Xiaowei Yu, and new star Chue Wang. This is a metropolitan romantic comedy with strong emphasis on the fashion business.

he ceremony was held near the Huangpu River, where the crew filmed the major wedding scene in the series. Kristy and Ewong had been Lady Asia in Hong Kong, and they underwent another round of beauty competition before the media. In the series Kristy, 32, is married to Wallace, who is merely 26. When some reporters asked how a “senior” woman gets along with a younger husband, Kristy was clearly annoyed and said that he asked an unnecessary question.

Being the sole major male lead in the series, Wallace was media's favorite focus of the day. Dressed in elegant black suits and bathed in a light mood, Wallace won the hearts of the ladies. He carefully got around the question that embarrassed Kristy and said that as a professional actor, he did not think the age difference is a problem for him. Still single and never been married, he will try his best to show the audience what a young couple looks like. Wallace's new series, Emerald on the Roof, had won him rave reviews since its premiere in October. He said that he had always been admiring director Jeffrey Chiang and it is a great honor to work with him. The filming will close in December.

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