Nov 05 Wallace Huo Our Dear Emerald Boy - WallaceHuo (霍建华) - For International Fans

Sina news 2005-11
霍建華 玉樹臨風
Wallace Huo Our Dear Emerald Boy

The super-hunk Wallace Huo, extremely handsome but reticent and introspective, had gained a very broad popularity within merely three years after his debut in 2002. His works, including At the Dolphin Bay, Tian Xia Di Yi, Hands in the Hair, and the upcoming Red Sleeve and The Sound of Colors, were all passionately embraced by an ever-growing body of audience all over the world that paralleled his rocketing popularity.

This is best illustrated by the fact that he is now the most sought-after actor of the younger generation. Wallace was highly praised by his co-starring actresses, including Angela Chang, Michelle Yip, Rosamund Kwan, ShuQi, and Ruby Lin. Be it something for advertising his first movie-the rumor between Wallace and Rosamund, the amazingly touching chemistry between him and Michelle had convinced their fans that they should go one step further to develop a significant relationship.

Then, would it be possible for Yvonne Yau, who co-starred with Wallace in two consecutive works, to become his lover? Yvonne said that Wallace had an incredibly mysterious charm and that she could not help being struck by his alluring eyes. On top of that, it was his dedication to filming that made him even more charming. Being surrounded by several male rookies, Yvonne was well qualified to be the princess either in the drama or outsides it, yet to her disappointment, she never had a chance to walk into Wallace’s charming heart. “Forget about it -- Chia-Chi (Li Sun) had been on my mind since I was 18 years old!” Wallace joked.

Li Sun, who recently enjoyed a high TV rating and just finished a movie with Jet Li, was the lucky girl for Wallace in the romance of Emerald on the Roof. They had to hold their hands in the first scene. However, it crashed because they were not familiar with each other and were hesitated during the filming. Wallace and Li burst into laughter, which at once drew them closer to each other. Their friendship grew with the filming of Emerald, and the modest Li always enjoyed all of Wallace’s “notoriously hard” jokes.

Some people said that Wallace was just being lucky. “Being lucky is never the phrase that can conclude all my endeavors and dedication in this business.” Wallace refuted in a modest but clear way. A typical Capricorn, he is always under rigorous self inspection, only to drive his performance to perfection. Of course, this brought him a lot of stress. “Fortunately, I have my family and the fan club, who always back me up, encourage me, and support me all the way through.”

The filming of Emerald in Hainan Island will close next week and the crew will move to London and Scotland. Wallace’s fans in the United Kingdom are spying around to get his working schedule, hoping to see their beloved hunk in London and Edinburgh. Fans in Shanghai were even more excited: they were told that the crew will move to Shanghai in mid-December, a time that is just right for celebrating the birthday of their dear Wallace.

Translated by Orion

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