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“Battle of Changsha” – Wallace was careless of his image with dirty faces

July 3, 2014


Ever since Wallace entered the showbiz, he used to give a charming image in his plays. But in Battle of Changsha, he wore uniforms and had his face dirty while in the battlefields. His image was totally different from his previous cultured and elegant images.

White Tofu becomes Black Coalball; careless of his image for the character

Previously Wallace Huo used to look charming and elegant for his characters in ancient plays. Especially in Chinese Paladin 3, he impressed people with a niche image of dressing up in white with a clean and refined face. He’s known as White Tofu ever since. But in Battle of Changsha, under the influence of the war, the once White Tofu became Black Coalball with dirt on his face. When he was asked about destroying his charming image in Battle of Changsha, Wallace said, “I can’t stay in the acting world if I want to stay pretty. Our makeup must be made in accordance with the needs of the scenes. This is normal. I don’t worry about it.”

Wallace Huo acted as a soldier for the first time. He said it was a learning experience in Battle of Changsha. “I wanted to watch how directors Kong and Zhang direct a play. I also wanted to find out whether I could do better under this team. The fact is I think everybody worked well together. I hope I could work with them again.” The success of a drama depends on the combination of the script, directors, artists and the whole production team. So Battle of Changsha, a great piece of work, can be shown in front of the audience.

Ancient beauty became a tough soldier: “I have many capacities”

Wallace acted as a warm-blooded soldier born to an affluent family who was against all odds of him fighting in the battlefields. This is also the first time he accepted a challenge portraying a tough solider. Wallace Huo, who frequently participates in ancient roles, impressed people with a touching yet gentle perfect soldier image.

Wallace Huo has drawn vast attentions from his fans in his first time participating in an anti-Japanese drama, which is completely different from his regular ancient dramas. A sudden transition to a war drama, inevitably would lead to believe that he’s trying to explore a new play road. For this, Wallace expressed, “I’m not tied up in certain frame. Other than ancients I’ve many other capacities. I also participated in Qing style. Comparatively I’ve made more ancient. The proportion is larger and so this might give a wrong impression to the audience. I like period dramas, war dramas as well as modern dramas.” After successfully creating a vast of ancient characters, Wallace hopes to enrich his acting experience by accepting different roles.

As we understand it, Battle of Changsha will air on CCTV-8 on July 14th. At that time, a fresh character and soul-stirring scenes will appear in front of the audience.

《战长沙》曝“脏妆”照 霍建华为角色不计形象


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