Oct 2014 Opening Ceremony - Honey Enemy - WallaceHuo (霍建华) - For International Fans

Wallace was seen at the airport in Jeju Island, South Korea, on October 14, 2014. With this he finished the well deserved one month break after he worked intensely to film "The Imperial Doctress" and "The Journey of Flower". While fans were speculating whether he went to Jeju island for a vacation, an announcement "Honey Enemy" shooting to be started on October 15 was made by the producer Zhang Pengcheng (张鹏程). Not surprisingly, Wallace is taking part in this movie. The executive producer is famous Korean scriptwriter and director Kwak Jae-yong (郭在容) and the director is Zhang Linzi (张林子). The co-stars are Korean actor Kwon Sang-Woo (权相宇) and Chinese actresses Zhang Yuqi (张雨绮) and Shi Yufei (施予斐). The filming of this movie will take places in Jeju Island, Fukuoka (Japan), Shanghai and a cruise ship.

Genre: light comedy and romance

Synopsis: In order to get a tycoon injecting capital into his company, Internet entrepreneur upstart Zhou Yunfeng agreed to break the marriage between his daughter Ye Jingsi and the poor guy Xu Mo, who worked in his company. Because Ye Jingsi moved forward the honeymoon before the wedding, this gave Zhou Yunfeng an opportunity: everything is possible as long as they aren't officially married yet.

The photos below were taken during the movie's opening ceremony in Jeju Island, South Korea on October 15 and when Wallace turned up at the Jeju Island airport together with Lian Junjie and Woohong on Oct 14, 2014. 

Opening Ceremoney in Jiju Island

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