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“Battle of Changsha” will air in Shanghai. Wallace Huo and Yang Zi fell in love for life or death

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March 5, 2014

Note: “Battle of Changsha” will air on Shanghai Drama Channel every evening at 19:00, with 3 episodes per day. That drama is about a family’s grief at separation and joy in reunion. It addresses the fate of common people and dates back from 1938 to 1946 with Changsha as backdrop.

Wallace Huo has fulfilled his dream as a soldier.

In the drama Wallace played a wealthy red-blooded man who fought for the country in the front line despite all the blockages which had been imposed to stop him from going to the battlefield. This time Wallace will appear as a soldier. About playing Qu Qingming, Wallace said frankly that it has finally fulfilled his dream as a soldier.

Although Qu Qingming had seen many dead he still wanted to fight in the battlefields to save his country. Wallace had perfectly put “Linghu Chong’s” clank strong personality and passion for justice into “Qu Qingming”. The producer couldn’t help praise him: “Wallace Huo is a very strong plasticity actor. He can play both period and modern plays and put up different roles. He has a unique temperament and also has a perfect morality!”

In “Battle of Changsha” Wallace Huo falls in love for life and death with Yang Zi who was born in the 1900’s. One was an unruly wayward girl and one was a handsome and red-blooded man but with a lack of affection for love. They met at the age when they both didn’t know what love is about. They later became quarrelsome lovers. In the turmoil of war, together they compose an unforgettable love story.

《战长沙》上海将播 霍建华杨紫共谱生死恋

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