Oct 2014 Special Guest in Della Ding Concert - WallaceHuo (霍建华) - For International Fans

Wallace and Della's "Good Times"

Della Ding Dong’s “True Love” concert at Beijing Capital Stadium – A Romantic Chorus with Wallace Huo
Sina Entertainment
October 26, 2014

Della Ding Dong continues the “Perfect Couple” with Wallace Huo
“Idol Prince Charming” Wallace Huo and Della Ding recorded “Good Times” for “Perfect Couple” teleplay and have become good friends ever since. Della’s first concert in Beijing was held in the Capital Stadium which can seat 10,000 people. Although Wallace was busy with filming a movie in Korea, he especially made his trip from Jeju Island (South Korea) to Beijing to support Della.

That night (October 25), Wallace appeared on stage dressed handsomely in a suit, which again excited the atmosphere in the stadium. The two teased each other about meeting again after a long time. Della joked Wallace’s  dressing style like if a guest attending a wedding banquet. Wallace replied immediately: “I’m casual during normal days. I especially dressed up like this for you.” Their funny conversations made the audiences laugh. Rarely seen in concerts,  Wallace sang “Good Times” with Della and continued the “Gold-Jade Match” (Note: Chinese meaning of Perfect Couple). They sang lively and sweetly “Good Times” with Wallace’s magnetic and warm voice and Della’s sensual and tender and their mutual understanding, hands holding inclcuded, spiced up the deep love for this “True Love” concert.

Surrounded When Leaving the Stadium

丁当北京首体唱响“真爱” 牵手霍建华浪漫合唱
乐坛快讯腾讯娱乐 [微博]

丁当牵手霍建华再续“金玉良缘” “偶像剧男神”霍建华曾与丁当为电视剧《金玉良缘》合唱《好时光》,两人因缘结识而成为好朋友。丁当首次在北京首体万人开唱,霍建华尽管忙于在韩国拍摄新电影,也特意抽出时间从济州岛飞来北京,义气力挺丁当。


Photos of Wallace singing in Della's "True Love" concert and leaving the Beijing Capital Stadium after he finished on 25 October 2014 and arriving at the Capital airport the day before, on 24 October, from Jeju Island where he is filming the movie "Honey Enemy".  Wallace, Della and the rest of the team went to HaiDiLao Hotpot for supper to celebrate after they concert.  They stayed at the restaurant until 2am.

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