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Premier of Wallace’s Battle of Changsha; good reviews received for his hot-blooded soldier image

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March 17, 2014

Directed by Kong Sheng and led by Wallace Huo and Yang Zi, anti-Japanese war Battle of Changsha is airing on Shanghai Teleplays local channel. This drama narrates from a special angle the cruelty of war. At the same time, it shows the tough and unbending spirit of the Chinese sons and daughters fighting those who invaded us. In this drama, first time playing as a hot-blooded soldier, Wallace Huo has received rave reviews for his role. An audience even asked: “Wallace Huo, are you really that Wallace Huo?”

Battle of Changsha adopted the famous modern novel “Battle of Changsha” as its story base. However, it didn’t focus just on the battlefields. It used the Hu family living in the city of Changsha as a backdrop to bring out the indomitable spirit of the Chinese sons and daughters who fought in the war, which was ruthless under the Japanese invaders.

Wallace Huo, after Chinese Paladin 3 and Swordsman etc., for the first time playes uniforme clad Gu Qingming, who was cold in appearance but warm at heart. He fought to protect the country disregarding his own safety.

Wallace Huo has received many praises for his soldier role. Internet pal “Cat Super Woman” commented on his handsome and arrogant uniformed image: “My heart rippled while watching this drama. Wallace Huo’s Qu Qingming is really, really, really handsome!! He is perfect, do you agree?~”. Internet pal “Rose” commented: “Previously he was a teacher, now a commander. This rhythm (of improvement) is non-stop. I’m not just a fan of Korean dramas, I also praise for the Chinese drama!” Another internet pal “Dai Lo” said shockingly: “Wallace Huo, are you really that Wallace Huo? Battle of Changsha gives you a perfect transformation. You had used your maturing acting to present us a perfect Qu Qingming. We are once again furbishing up the past history.” Internet pal “Young Wang Menglin” said: “Battle of Changsha’s worth of mouth has been built solely on its good performance. Hoping it will air nationally soon so that more people can see it.” A student who is studying for college entrance examination stated: “When this drama is aired during summer, I’ll watch it intensely oh oh oh~”.

Based on our understanding, Battle of Changsha, which is receiving overwhelming reviews, will air in the summer.

霍建华《战长沙》首播 热血军官备受好评

来源:搜狐娱乐 责编:陈天如 日期:2014-3-17 霍建华首演军官


搜狐娱乐讯 由著名导演孔笙执导,霍建华、杨紫主演的抗日史诗剧《战长沙》正在上海电视剧频道播出。该剧以独特的视角描绘战争的残酷,同时也展现出中华儿女面对侵略顽强不屈的拼搏精神。剧中,首次以热血“军官”角色亮相荧屏的霍建华收获好评如潮,更有观众震撼发问:“霍建华,你还是那个霍建华吗?”




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