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Sina Entertainment July 13, 2015

Produced by Guo Zairong and portrayed by Wallace Huo, Kwon San-woo, Zhang Yuqi and Shi Yufei, Honey Enemy is a comedy romance movie. Honey Enemy held it’s press event in Beijing and has made an announcement that the movie will be on in September. A trailer was also released during the event. Yuqi didn’t turn up because of her rumored divorce. Wallace Huo and Kwon San-woo held hands and gave each other a kiss on the check. They had a fine time although the female wasn’t there.

Honey Enemy is a comedy romance about Zhang Yuqi and Kwon San-woo who put forward a scheme to steal back the ex-boyfriend Wallace Huo. Zhang Yuki, through a video, revealed the various characters in the movie: “An ex of Wallace Huo, an intimate partner of Kwon San-woo and an enemy of Shi Yufie.

Kown San-woo and Wallace Huo are rivals in love in the movie. But during the press event they appeared in good terms. Wallace Huo laughed and said that they have become good friends after the movie. “It’s strange that though we speak different languages we exchanged phone numbers.” Kwon San-woo held Wallace’s hand, after an embrace, he kissed him on the check. Everything happened too sudden. Wallace also embraced him and gave him a kiss on the check. Kwon San-woo praised Wallace a “good gentleman”. He also revealed some details: “He looked after me during filming. When we were at rest I said I wanted to try some Chinese wine and he did get me some.”

Wallace Huo and Kwon San-woo tapped each other during the press event. Wallace tapped Kwon as a home man, handsome father and a sunshine boy. Kwon San-woo put a tap ‘fresh meat (young boy)’ on Wallace Huo. He exposed that he admires Wallace: “I dumbfounded just looking at his face.” Shi Yufei laughed that Kwon San-woo is a funny person. Although there is a language barrier but his plentiful body language still gave joy on the filming set.

About how to deal with the rival in love, Wallace joked: “If the other person is better than you, retreat quickly. Otherwise it depends on the talent of each other.” Kwon San-woo expressed that he won’t chase a girl who already has a boyfriend. He will try to avoid any rival in love. The two said in fact that true intention and destiny are most important. Wallace Huo and Kwon San-woo played rivals in love on stage. Kwon abruptly hugged Shi Yukei from behind, Wallace silently retreated, he said with a laugh: “He is such a strong rival. I have to run quickly. Besides I can’t fight him. He is a body builder.”

Based on our understanding, Kwon is a playboy but ready to shoulder responsibility in the movie. Kwon San-woo said that like his character, he also has a sense of humor. But unlike the character, he isn’t a playboy: “I’m married and therefore I definitely won’t fool around.”

霍建华权相佑情敌变基友 现场牵手互吻


新浪娱乐讯 7月13日,由郭在容监制,霍建华、权相佑[微博]、张雨绮[微博]、施予斐主演的爱情喜剧《情敌蜜月》在京举办定档发布会,宣布电影将于9月上映,发布会现场还公布了首款先导预告片。最近身陷离婚风波的张雨绮并未出席发布会,霍建华和权相佑则现场牵手拥抱亲脸颊,没有女主角也有春天。






京雅/文 郑福德/摄影 张大伟/摄像

Honey Enemy Press Event held on July 13 in Beijing

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