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Tang Yan - We're Quite suitable to Each Other

Tang Yan and Wallace Huo, a “Gold Jade Match”? The Lady Said with a Smile: Quite Suitable to Each Other.

Sohu Entertainment

April 16, 2014

“Perfect Couple”, in which Tong Hua is the script associate producer, will be aired on Jiangsu and Shenzhen TV on April 21st. Sohu will be aired online at the same time. On April 15th, main cast Wallace Huo, Tang Yan, Wang Yang, Gong Mi and Huang Ming attended the press event held in Beijing. This time beside being the male lead, Wallace Huo is also the producer. The reason he got Tang Yan as the female lead was because, he expressed privately, they’re good friends. Tang Yan agreed to help after just one call. They played quarrelling lovers in the drama. As idols themselves they’re inevitably paired as a couple. Tang Yan even said with a smile: “Eh, we’re quite suitable to each other.” Wallace immediately grabbed the microphone and said: “At work we’re compromised.” Tang Yan was in a low mood after she broke up with Roy Chiu. She expressed it was the joyful atmosphere of “Perfect Couple” which helped her to come out from the emotional upset.

唐嫣霍建华结“金玉良缘”? 女方笑称:是挺配

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