Aug 2014 Promotion of Perfect Couple in Taiwan - WallaceHuo (霍建华) - For International Fans

Welcoming Wallace

Pouring Red Wine

Picking up cardboard Tang Yan

Still Handsome After Ten Years

Wallace finally has come home! After departing from Taiwan for 10 years, he came home to promote Perfect Couple on August 27. He saw many loyal fans during the press event. He uttered a sign of relief “I have a mixed feeling. I’m looking forward to this event and yet I’m afraid I might get hurt.” He said with a smile that he was afraid only 3 people turn up. So who were the 3 people in his mind?  He said if no one turned up he would ask his dad, mom and brother to pretend to be his friends.  Eventually 200 fans turned up and many couldn't get in because space limitation. He said many fans have got married over these 10 years . Some of them even brought their kids to meet him at the airport. He was touched to see them.

Wallace is now mainly working in Mainland China. This time, also acting as a producer, he came to Taiwan to promote Perfect couple. He was happy to see some long time fans. When he saw the scene with Tang Yan at the bridal room, he said he did give lots of suggestions. For instance, it was his idea to tie numerous belts around his pants to guard against the “indecent woman”. After watching the trailer of Jin Yuanbao and Yu Qiling in Taiwanese dubs, he expressed: “that scene of finger-guessing game sounds like we were in a dry seafood store.” He said he played finger-guessing game in a dry seafood store when he was a kid.

After been away for a long time, when Wallace was asked to speak some Taiwanese, he said he isn’t fluent in it anymore. From his talk, it’s discovered that his accent resembles more of Putonghua. He revealed he went to karaoke with his mom last night. His best Taiwanese song is “Drink Aspirations”. Wallace said in real life he’s a boring person. This time this light comedy is attracting lots of audience, to him is a big motivation.

A fan came up the stage and said "I love you" in Taiwanese.  But Wallace now can only understand Taiwanese but can't speak well.  The witty Wallace immediately learned it and said "I love you" to all the fans.  This generated a roaring from them all. 

Wallace said Tang Yan was his first choice to take the female lead.  The cooperation is a remembrance of them once in "Chinese Paladin 3".  Wallace also dressed up as a girl in the drama.  He said "Actually I'm quite pretty dressed as a girl."

When pulling red wine over a stack of wine glasses, the host said we should be quiet as some fans skip work to come see him.  The witty Wallace asked with a microphone "are you skipping work to come see me?"

Wallace also revealed his desirable partner to be simply a girl is good enough.  Who can also tolerate him going away from home for 3 months when he is filming. 

As a producer, Wallace is demanding for the songs.  He likes Richie Ren very much.  Although he didn't know him, he called his company anyway.  But Richie immediately agreed.  He finished the song in two days.  He even sang the song and sent a demo to Wallace. Wallace was touched: "When I received the demo I almost broke into tears."

Wallace said although he is older now, he welcomes any production companies  who want to have him back to Taiwan to make a drama.

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