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University of International Business and Economics Talk Show - Part 1 of 6

University of International Business and Economics Talk Show - Part 2 of 6

University of International Business and Economics Talk Show - Part 3 of 6

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University of International Business and Economics Talk Show - Part 6 of 6

University of International Business and Economics
 March 15, 2013 Beijing
Summarized and Edited by gemmagemma

After working through this translation, I’ve gained a better understanding of him as a person; he is truly someone genuine almost like a personal friend. This is his very 1st talk in a university setting, he has been invited to this university twice (the first time was 2 years ago). He declined the invitation initially because he felt he was not ready and incapable of giving such a talk. Now, he believed he is well-prepared and eager to share with the students his life experience, showbiz experience and personal views/beliefs on issues of interest to the students like relationships & weibo.

Towards the end of the talk, he concludes by thanking the host, the female student who had persistently contacted his company to invite him for this talk, he is truly grateful for this honour to be able to attend such a meaningful event. He explained that he is more nervous attending this student talk compared to attending interviews with the media. This is because he is unsure what the students’ expectations are. He even took sleeping pills the night before just to calm his nerves! However, he was able to relax and be himself among the students. He also hopes that after he has completed more TV series and gained more life experiences, he is able to return for another talk with the students again. Lastly, he wished the students well & bid them farewell.

Wallace: A Bona Fide Star
He described himself as someone very shy, reserved, conservative and diffident. He further explained he has demophobia (fear of crowds) and interaction & communication skill disorder. As such, he rarely attends major events/functions which require him to address a large audience. His personality is largely attributed to him growing up in a single family (his parents separated when he was very young). He has always felt inferior to his peers due to his poor academic performance. Fortunately, it was not all doom & gloom as he discovered he has a knack for basketball. Along with his chiselled good looks, soon he found himself attracting legions of girls cheering for him at the basketball court! He started receiving love letters from the girls; he admitted that he began to understand the meaning of stardom at a young age!

Considering his popularity & fame (not to mention his increasing wealth), he is extremely low-key, down-to-earth, modest, unpretentious and easy-going. Prior to joining showbiz, he has taken up a variety of menial jobs as assistant, waiter, labourer & cleaner. Now, he could easily afford a luxurious lifestyle but he shared with the students that he prefers to live modestly. He could afford an expensive high-end beef steak which costs him RMB$1K as well as easily satisfied with a bowl of noodles sold at street malls for RMB5! He said he is just an ordinary person; he dines at the food courts and walks on the streets too!

Showbiz: Through His Personal Lens
He never considers himself a celebrity or an idol actor; in fact, he has always regarded his acting profession like any other ordinary job. There is nothing flashy or fanciful in his life as an artist. He shared an example of his typical life as an actor. He has to rise at 5am daily, get his makeup done by 6am, and then start filming by 7am. Depending on the director’s requirements, lunch break can vary between 12pm till 3pm. Filming ends between 10pm till midnight. As he is no longer a young man, he can only work for 12 hours max daily. He used to work for 19~20 hours daily in his early acting career. He hardly had any time to sleep at all. He further emphasised that being an actor is not glamorous. He said imagine being dressed up in conflicting attires that do not match the weather when filming under erratic weather condition (either very hot or extremely cold)! He gave example of artists portraying ancient roles encounter the most difficulties. Having to put up with multi-layers costumes & heavy headgears under extreme hot weather is simply unbearable! If the filming site is located in a remote area, female artists & crews in particular, will suffer the most difficulties as there isn’t a proper lavatory for them!

Between Singing & Acting
He shared that he completely dislikes acting when he first started, he prefers singing. He released an album after filming several flashy idol series. According to him, after gaining some recognition for his acting skills, he thought it was perfect timing to debut as a singer to fulfil his dreams. However, his singing career was not flourishing, instead, almost like an afterthought, he realised he is not suitable to be a singer. He believed he does not have the quality of a singer. He relates that a singer needs to be charismatic, dynamic, active, a little narcissistic & ostentatious. He would rather concentrate on his acting career. He feels acting is more fitting as he could hide behind the character/role he portrayed and most importantly, he is not required to confront a large audience! Unlike singing, filming is usually closed-up & limit to a small group of filming crews.

He even mentioned that he is grateful that he is an actor because he is able to live the colourful lives of the many characters he portrayed. Apart from remunerations, he is able to take away a little of the characters he portrayed (the good points) to be part of himself. He said acting enriched him emotionally.

His Ideal Girl
He does not have a set criteria/preference for the type of girl he likes. He particularly likes very low profile girl (not the showing off type). He gave an example, there was once when he was taking a public transport, he saw a girl talking on her mobile very loudly and ignoring all the passengers in the bus completely. He said this type of girl, he abhors. He likes girls who know when to talk and when to be silent. She must know what she should do and is considerate. She has her own life aspirations and strives to pursue her dreams. She must also be easy going. This type of girl he truly admires. He even jokingly asked the girl in the audience (who posed the question to him) whether she can introduce such a girl to him!

His Dating Persona
He explained he has always been very passive in relationship matters. It is always the girls who made the first move on him. He said up till now, the girls that he made the first move to court is very few (the students pressed him to reveal the number of girls he had actively pursued). He did not reveal the number only mentioned that she is just an ordinary girl outside of showbiz. Then, a very interesting question was posed to him by a male student during the talk. He said, for a first year student like him, what he should do to make himself more charming and able to attract girls by being passive like Wallace. Everyone laughed including Wallace himself. Wallace then asked him candidly, what you really want to ask me is how to date/court a girl, right? Wallace went on to explain that it is a man’s charisma, maturity & inner attraction/charm. He advised the student, “Don’t have to pretend, be sincere and simply approach the girl you like!”

Another female student posed a question to him which I find very amusing. She said “Linghu Chong does not understand love, we are all Dongfang Bubai!” Wallace asked for some time to reflect on the question, and then admitted he does not understand the question. He asked, “Do you mean to say all the girls want to become Dongfang Bubai but cannot have Linghu Chong?” She explained Wallace talked about being passive in a relationship and asked for his views on Dongfang Bubai’s one-sided love. He said the character of Dongfang Bubai is written in such a way to appeal to the younger viewers and also for commercial value. He advised the students not to imitate what is being shown on TV! He said what is shown on drama is fantasy not reality. In his opinion, he does not agree with one-sided love. He explained the final objective of being persistent in one-sided love is to acquire the other party. He advised don’t be over persistent in love. You can still have other type of relationships, make more friends and learn more things. He further advised, you have to remain clear-headed in a relationship, do not allow the relationship to dominate your life and remember to keep your personal friends & traits. He said some people love too deep and unable to extricate themselves once the relationship is over. That can be very alarming!

Wallace: I Prefer Acting TV Series
He was asked if he will be involved in doing more movie projects in the future. He said he prefers to do TV series. Although the remunerations are not as great as doing movies and filming TV series is a much harder work (filming hours are longer), it was through TV series that he was recognised for being an actor! He is thankful for the recognitions that he gained through his TV series. In fact, expect him to do more ancient (wuxia) series too. He said a lot of actors shy away from filming ancient series because it is a much harder work compared to filming modern series. However, he enjoys doing ancient series as it gives him a very gratifying experience when he is able to overcome those hazardous challenges in the ancient series. He told the students that he used to tell his Huomis (Wallace’s fans are known as Huomis) that he would rather film TV series so that Houmis do not have to spend money to see him in movie theatres! How considerate of him!

He was also asked if he has thought about venturing into other areas such as hosting a program, becoming a boss himself like opening a hotpot restaurant (since he likes the food a lot). He said no. He prefers to do one thing at a time & to do it well. He is not a multitasker! He reasoned he has yet to achieve his level of acting expectations.

Wallace: I Don’t Have a Weibo account
He was asked why he doesn’t open a weibo account to promote his works. He said it is not necessary! He gave an example of a project he has completed (he did not specify whether it was a TV series or movie project), he was told to get a weibo as part of its promotional strategy. He blatantly refused! He believed even without weibo, his work will still be viewed by people. To him, the most important is the quality of his work and him as a person (his inner attractions) that captivates viewers; not some aggressive promotions! He expressed without weibo to promote his university talk, yet so many students turned up for this event!

He also mentioned a little about the misuse of weibo by some inconsiderate weibo users. He advised the students to use weibo responsibly, do not approach weibo as a tool to provoke or to criticise others. He explained he prefers face to face communication instead of messaging!

Wallace: You Are Welcome to Visit Me in Hengdian
A female student asked if she could visit him when he is filming in Hengdian since her home is located near Hengdian. He told her she could come. He said he would not allow his fans from Beijing to visit him because he feels the journey/travelling would be too long, arduous and unsafe for them. Another female student asked him now that he is based in Mainland China, how many days in a year he set aside to spend with his friends & family. He said he spends very little time with them (less than 10 days in a year). He is very grateful that his parents fully support his work and allow him his privacy. He was also asked by another student that being a Taiwanese artist, how he feels like filming in Mainland China. He replied he does not feel any barrier, everyone is accepting him and he is happy filming in Mainland. He lives in Shanghai, when he goes out for meals; no one ever makes him feels like an outsider. He feels accepted and everyone is being very nice to him. On the contrary, when he returns to Taiwan, he feels there is a barrier, be it the media, fans or the cultures. He said now when he returns to Taiwan, he is very relaxed because no one recognises him! Everyone laughed.

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