Love in the Forlon City Profile - WallaceHuo (霍建华) - For International Fans

Title: 伤城之恋 / Shang Cheng Zhi Lian
Also known as: Love in the Forlorn City / There is a Kind of Love Called Letting Go 有一种爱叫做放手
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast date: Nov 6, 2008 in Hong Kong
Producer: Long Shao Ji (龙绍基)
Director: Jiang Jia Jun (Hong Kong) 蒋家骏(香港)

A poor, pretty and obstinate girl and the playful son of a rich family fall in love with each other. Can their true love overcome the ups and downs of fate, poverty, sickness, death and lies?

Wallace Huo as (霍建华) as Yan Fei (颜飞)
 Qin Lan (秦岚) as Xin Tong (欣彤)
Yu Yi Shi (于毅饰) as Jiang Bai (江白)
Qian Yong Chen (钱泳辰) as Yang Jian (杨简)
Fang Yuan (方圆) as Wang Mi Mi (王咪咪)

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