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Title: 现代美女 / Xian Dai Mei Nu
English title: Modern Lady / Modern Beauty
Genre: Fashion, romantic comedy
Episodes: 26
Production year: 2006
Screenwriter: Yang Zhi Shen (杨智深)
Producer: Ni Ying (倪鹰)
Director: Jiang Jia Jun (蒋家骏)

Lin Zi Qi and Yang Guang agree to a quick marriage after spending a romantic night in Hainan. As a result, fights have become inevitable. 30 years old Lin Zi Qi is independent and cunning- always knows what to do, arising conflicts with her charming younger husband Yang Guang who also happens to be the chief editor of the magazine she is working for and is prone to women. As they face an unusual married life in a crowded city, they discover that marriage is not as easy as eating a sweet lollipop.

Wallace Huo (霍建华) as Yang Guang (杨光)  
Kristy Yang (杨恭如 ) as Lin Zi Qi (林子琪)
Wang Xi Yi (王曦仪) as Yu Han (雨涵)
Yu Xiao Wei (于小伟) as Xiao Jie (肖杰)
Li Xuan (黎萱) as Zhu Yun (朱芸)
Yvonne Yung (翁虹) as Wang Hui (王惠)
Lu Jie Jun (卢杰君) as Huo Jing Sheng (霍京生)
Tang Yan (唐嫣) as Li Wei (李薇)
Shen Min Xi (申珉熙) as Qing Qing (青青)
Hai Lu (海陆) as Reporter (记者)

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