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Title: 地下鐵 / Di Xia Tie
English title: Sound of Colors
Genre: Romance, drama
Episodes: 21 (TVB version)
Broadcast network: CTS
Broadcast date: 2006-May-09
Opening theme song: Listen with Your Heart (用心听) by Van Fan (范逸臣)
Ending theme song: In Your Eyes / Zai Ni Yan Ni (在你眼里) by Rebecca Hsu (同恩)
Insert song: Ai Le Jiu Shi by Van Fan
Producer: Zhou De Hua (周德華)
Directors: Chen Jia Lin (陈家霖), Aman Chang (张敏)
Screenwriter: Sharon Xu (许莎朗) Based on a comic book by Jimmy.

A flourishing metropolis, the crowd bustling about, each one conjecturing a beautiful wish to wait for his or her fate. A beautiful story can take place anywhere, perhaps it's in the mall, perhaps it's in the cafe, or maybe it is in a subway..... A beautiful blind DJ w/ a beautiful heart, Jingjing is taking the subway to the radio station, and Yun Xiang, who is having problems at work, also happens to take this train home. The both of them have been in the same train several times, it's as if they have been played by destiny, never met each other. 

Cast: Ruby Lin (林心如) as Fu Jing Jing (傅晶晶)
Wallace Huo (霍建华) as Lu Yun Xiang (陆云翔)
Hao Lei (郝蕾) as Fu Ming Ming (傅明明)
Sun Xing (孙兴) as Cheng Gao (程高)
Li Li Qun (李立群) as Lu Ming Kai (陸銘凱)
Zheng Luo Qian (郑罗茜) as Zhou Xiao Chen (周晓晨)
Lu Yang (吕洋) as Yang Xin Hua (杨新华)
Huang Meng (黄勐) as Fan Yang (范阳)

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