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Title: 情敌蜜月

English title: Honey Enemy

Production Company: Beijing Dingheng Boyuan Culture Media Co., Ltd. (北京鼎恒博源文化传媒有限公司)

Filming places: Jeju Island of South Korea, Shanghai, Fukuoka of Japan, and cruise ship

Opening: Oct 15, 2014

Completion: Nov 26, 2014

Director: Zhang Linzhi (张林子)

Screenwriter: Bi Chenggong (毕成功) and Hong Leng (洪泠)

Producer: Zhang Pengcheng (张鹏程)

Genre: Light comedy romance

Zhou Yunfeng, who is the CEO of a dates-matching website, and his company’s match maker Xia Xiaoyu are just employer/employee. Because of a marriage news from Ye Jingsi, who is the daughter of a rich man, and Xu Mo, Xia Xiaoyu’s ex-boyfriend, wish bring them together.

Because Zhou Yunfeng’s company is short of cashflow, he wishes to get capital injection from Ye Jingsi’s father. Jinsi's father agrees to help only if he breaks his daughter's marriage with poor guy Xu Mo. At the same time, Xia Xiaoyu hopes to gain back her ex-boyfriend. Both agree to pretend to be lovers to hide their underlying agendas to approach Xu Mo and Ye Jingsi. After a series of false plays and love emotions, when the cruise ship arrives at Jeju Island, the relationships among the four people undergo subtitle changes.


Wallace Huo as Xu Mo (霍建华饰许默)
29 years old; Blood type: O; Libra
As an analyst in the investment risk department, Xu Mo, who once worked in the fund sector previously, is a nice man but his career is going nowhere because of his wishy-washy personality. Maybe Xu Mo is in the wrong job he always feels frustrated. Actually he is very smart. His household skill thus has become his strongest advantage in providing a sense of security to the girls.

His biggest achievement in the university is that he successfully has made Xia Xiaoyu his girlfriend. Many people admire him for that. Whenever Xu Mo is with Xia Xiaoyu he is being ignored. The few years he is with Xiaoyu she is the center of all. Xu Mo starts to realize Xiaoyu isn’t the one when he wants to get some respects. Ye Jingsi is his boss’s daughter. She is excited and admires him even for a little thing he does. Xu Mo can’t help and be touched by this girl who is willing to give up everything and make any changes for love.

Kwon Sang-woo as Zhou Yunfeng  (权相佑(韩国)饰周云枫)
30 years old; Blood type AB; Leo
He starts up a dates-matching website concept in China which is being deemed as someone who is an entrepreneur in the internet world. He is successful at a young age. He is ambitious and charismatic. When he decides to do something he will take whatever to achieve his goal. To his buddies and colleagues he is loyal. He has a typical leader personality.

Love to him isn’t important. He has never thought about it. He has numerous girlfriends but none is permanent. But it can be that he hasn’t met someone who touches his heart before. He only wants to conquer them. He is a guy who doesn’t feel ashame and full of charisma. When he tries to do whatever to save his company, because of Xia Xiaoyu, his life is moving toward a direction out of his expectations.

Zhang Yuqi as Xia Xiaoyu (张雨绮饰夏小雨)
27 years old: Blood type: A; Capricorn
She is a champion match maker of a dates-matching website, a typical workaholic woman in the new China society. She has exceptional observant and analysis skills. She can befriend with a stranger in 3 minutes. She is so sweet people like to be around her. Underneath that smile she is stubborn. She doesn’t seem to care when she fails but in her heart she doesn’t want to give up.

In the company Xia Xiaoyu is the top match maker. Her successful rate is 90%. With this ability she believes the boyfriend she has chosen will stay and grow old with her. She is stubborn and stable in her love life. But ultimately her boyfriend put a ring on someone else. She is completely collapse in her own world. But strange thing happens. She starts to take notice of her boss whom she dislikes before. Will the confession made by this playboy live up to Xia Xiaoyu’s expectations for love?

Shi Yufei as Ye Jingsi (施予斐饰叶静斯)
26 years old; Blood type: O, Pisces
Ye Jingsi gets whatever she wants under her father’s protection. Because of a stringent family discipline, she never really has engaged in a real relationship with a man. After several weak love affairs Ye Jingsi finds the temperate Xu Mo. Xu Mo isn’t someone being viewed as a successful person in the society but Jingsi is madly in love with him. She adores him. Xu Mo takes her to see a world she has never been before. She is joyful and only wants to say out loud “I love you” to let the whole world knows about her feeling. Although her father doesn’t approve her choice she still insists on her true love. She only hopes that Xu Mo will hold her hands with the same insistence.

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