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Influent China Award Ceremony

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Wallace Huo Gets the "China Influential Performer of the Year" Title 
December 11, 2015

Because of his outstanding performance, Wallace Huo receives the "China Influential Performer of the Year 2015" award. He is the only actor receiving this award this year.

China Newsweek's China Influentials 2015 ceremony is held in Beijing. People from the political, academic, business, and cultural aspects gather here to reveal the list of winners in 2015. Because of his outstanding performance, Wallace Huo receives the "China Influential Performer of the Year 2015" award. He is the only actor receiving this award this year.

The selection of "China Influentials" winners are backed by China national news agency. China Newsweek hosts the ceremony. It nominates people or organizations covering academic, science, business, cultural, public service, media and sport, etc. that contribute to the developments and advancements of China society during the year. It aims to select the elite of this era. This year is it's 7th anniversary. In the past the winners included Mao Yushi, Ma Yang, Bai Yansong, Mo Yan, Jia Ping-wa, Sun Jinfang, Deng Yaping and Shen Jie task team, etc. These leaders in their area of excellence are in the past winner lists.

This year the winners include the State Department counselor, "class act" sponsor Tang Min, famous scholar Yu Ping, and Tsinghua University professor Qigong Shi, among other important people in China's culture.

At the ceremony, famous book writer and scriptwriter Yang Geling presented the award to Wallace Huo. The introduction of Wallace is "The Journey of Flower in which he is the lead has created many viewership miracles. His acting is unique and composed. He excelles in both ancient and modern plays. He is an idol with rare quality in this era, being professional, focused on acting and someone who respects work. While being praised by his fellow profession mates he also has created a role model for the audiences who love him."

Wallace expressed that he thanks the China Newsweek very much for affirming him. "After being in touch with acting, I like this profession. It gives people pleasure during their spare time. I discovered a sense of mission which really makes me loving this acting profession. There have been ups and downs during the course of my profession but those are something I treasure and feel happy about. I think, as long as I'm here, I'll do my very best."

In 2015, Bai Zihua in The Journey of Flower and Bo Jianyan in Love Me If You Dare made Wallace the most avowed for nearly a year. Both his popularity and acting skills are affirmed by the audience. Wallace has been low-profiled. He has an unpretentious acting style, working hard in improving his acting skills by making numerous projects. A person who has built his self-worth through quality time and projects. Only an actor who can sustain attention over time can make him obtain a longer onscreen lifespan. Wallace Huo is a good example of such a person.

【新闻】霍建华获评 “影响中国” 年度人物


霍建华因其卓越表现被评为“影响中国”年度演艺人物, 成为本届唯一获此殊荣的演员。

新浪娱乐讯 2015年12月11日,《中国新闻周刊》“影响中国2015年度人物”颁奖典礼在北京隆重举行。包括政界、学界、企业界、文化界等各界人士济济一堂,共同见证2015“影响中国”人物揭晓。霍建华因其卓越表现被评为“影响中国”年度演艺人物, 成为本届唯一获此殊荣的演员。






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