Jan 2007 Having Noodles Alone - WallaceHuo (霍建华) - For International Fans

By Wallace Huo on January 1, 2007

New Year is here. I should be excited but I'm not, because I believe I haven’t performed my best this year. Therefore, when a new year comes it’s time for me to review my last year performance… Do you find it strange? I still remember this past New Year's eve. When everyone was celebrating I had beef noodles alone at a restaurant near home. Because it was New Year's eve, I also ordered a small dish plus a bottle of soft drink. I ate all by myself. Being alone at a small restaurant was so misfit to the crowd outside yelling at the fireworks. What I’m trying to say is… I didn’t create that atmosphere on purpose. I basically had all my New Year that way… I’m afraid of public holidays, including my birthday... Unless my colleagues from the filming sets give me birthday cakes, I never lavish my birthday. As a matter of fact I quite enjoy this state of mind. Because of this personality I have I never lose myself. I only want to be better. This betterment is real. It’s the betterment of the spiritual growth of the mind.

During my breaks what I do most is exercising… basketball, walking, jogging, and occasionally weight lifting. As my body is growing older I’m starting to treasure my health more. About basketball I like it the most. It’s like my teacher. When I play basketball I would be oblivious of myself when I feel especially good. It is quite a good feeling. Everything seems to be slow motion. It’s hard to explain…Other than acting, playing basketball is something that boosts my confidence. Some NBA super stars are people I try to intimate. Other than basketball techniques, their willpowers and characters are something worth my learning. Therefore, I have a habit. Every time on my way to the filming site, I must wear my favourite basketball players’ signature trainers. I’ll then perform better during filming. Hahaha, isn’t this sound naïve? I don’t know… but I believe in it. I’ll continue to act this year. I have some new ideas about how to play my characters. I hope my acting skills will improve year after year. I hope I can bring well fleshed out characters to you. I believe this is something you like to see.

Lastly…..thank you (all).

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