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Wallace's blessing for our Site's 3rd year anniversary 华哥的三年周年祝福

This site is especially created for Wallace Huo on July 8, 2012. We hope to gather information about him as much as possible so it won't be lost in the ether as time passes。 The site is meant to be as a platform for the international fans. Please visit our Forum to start a thread, make comments or simply get the latest updates on Wallace. Also you may follow us on Weibo and Facebook . We hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any suggestions, they are most welcome. Please contact us at wallacehuoinfo@gmail.com. If you have a question for Wallace, you may write to him via towallacehuo@126.com.
2012年7月8日这个网站特别为霍建华而诞生。我们希望尽可能收集有关华哥的贵重信息,不会因为时间长而丢失。另外,此网站也是国际霍迷的通讯平台。 请在论坛 留言支持霍建华或获取霍建华的最新信息。微薄 和以英语为主的Facebook 也开通了。 如你有任何建议,无任欢迎。可以通过 wallacehouinfo@gmail.com联系我们。 如果你想给霍建华留言,可以私信到 towallacehuo@126.com
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Wallace's blessing for our Site's 2nd year anniversary 华哥的第二年周年祝福

Wallace's blessing for our Site's 1st year anniversary 华哥的第一年周年祝福

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